Red Light Therapy for Arthritis: A Non-Invasive Approach to Pain Relief

female physiotherapist assisting older man patient with arm exercise, red light therapy for arthritisArthritis can erode the quality of life and causes significant pain and mobility limitations to millions of people around the world. While conventional medicine offers medications for relief, many health and wellness practitioners are turning to alternative treatment options to help patients manage symptoms and improve their overall well-being.

Red light therapy has emerged as one of the most promising solutions for arthritis pain and inflammation, supporting the body’s healing response.

Utilizing specific wavelengths of red and near-infrared light (between 635nm – 880nm), red light therapy penetrates the skin, stimulating cellular processes. This innovative treatment has been shown to reduce inflammation, enhance tissue repair, and support the body’s natural healing process, offering much-appreciated relief for arthritis symptoms. Let’s explore how red light therapy would be valuable as part of patient treatment plans for arthritis and pain management, and how the Contour Light System can improve offerings and revenue within your practice.


Is Red Light Therapy Good for Arthritis?

Studies published in the National Library of Medicine point to several benefits of red light therapy for arthritis. One significant benefit is its anti-inflammatory potential. Inflammation is the major driver of arthritis pain and stiffness, and by noticeably reducing inflammation, red light therapy helps  improve mobility, reduce discomfort, and protect joints from further damage.

Additionally, red light therapy has regenerative effects. It stimulates collagen production and tissue renewal, aiding in the repair of damaged joint tissues over time. This can lead to improved joint health, reduced stiffness, and increased flexibility, making day-to-day activities less challenging.

Another key benefit is pain reduction. Red light therapy acts on pain receptors and can decrease pain signaling within the body. This natural approach to pain management can be a lifeline for those seeking alternatives to medications or looking for ways to minimize their reliance on pain-relieving drugs.


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Does Red Light Therapy Get Rid of Inflammation?

Though continued research is always beneficial, hundreds of studies have shown that with consistent use, red light therapy significantly reduces inflammation. For those with arthritis, this is crucial since chronic inflammation can exacerbate symptoms and contribute to long-term joint damage. Red light therapy can be a powerful tool within a comprehensive arthritis management plan. Contour Light is FDA Cleared and has been fully tested and vetted for treating the pain and stiffness that comes with arthritis. In an independent research study, Contour Light showed consistent pain relief and comfort for those suffering from chronic pain from arthritis and other connective tissue issues.


“About a week ago, I woke up unable to move without sharp stabbing pains in my lower right back. In an effort to stop the pain, I had a 20-minute Contour Light treatment that morning, and later that day, I realized the pain had subsided nearly 50%. A few days later, I had another 20-minute Contour Light treatment, and by the end of that day, the pain was gone, gone, gone. I have had this sort of injury before and have agonized with pain for weeks, trying to adjust my posture as I slowly but surely would become a slouching ball of pain. But this time, when the first searing stab of pain hit me like a ton of bricks, I went straight for a Contour Light treatment, and the outcome was even better and faster than I ever imagined. I am dancing a dance of joy!”

– Therese M., Contour Light Patient


Offering Red Light Therapy with Contour Light: Benefits for Your Practice

Integrating red light therapy into your wellness plan  with the Contour Light system offers several advantages:

  • Customized Care: Contour Light’s flexible pads easily target specific areas affected by arthritis, allowing for highly customized treatment for your patients.
  • FDA Clearance: FDA clearance for body contouring, pain relief, and increased blood circulation validates the effectiveness of Contour Light’s technology.
  • Practitioner-Friendly: The Contour Light pad-based-wrap System is a nearly hands-free operation and has intuitive protocols that simplify treatment delivery and provides your patients with a soothing and effective experience.
  • Positive Outcomes: Red light therapy’s effectiveness in easing arthritis symptoms and supporting whole-body wellness translates to happier patients and repeat visits.
  • Financial Growth: Expanding your practice with a sought-after therapy like Contour Light red light therapy attracts new clients and provides additional revenue sources, bolstering your overall revenue stream.


Incorporate Contour Light Red Light Therapy in Your Treatment Plans

The Red light therapy approach to arthritis management makes it a compelling complement to any wellness practice focused on pain relief and holistic healing. Partnering with Contour Light allows you to deliver this innovative therapy with ease and confidence. As research on red light therapy continues to develop, so does its potential to revolutionize arthritis care.


Are you ready to explore how red light therapy and the Contour Light System can enhance your practice and empower your clients to live more pain-free, active lives? Contact us today to discover the many possibilities.


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