a female patient sits in a doctor practice having a pleasant conversation with healthcare providerYou’ve heard the buzz surrounding red light therapy, a noninvasive treatment that offers benefits ranging from pain relief and increased blood circulation to body contouring and skin rejuvenation. But how can you harness this cutting-edge technology to enhance patient care and create a lucrative new revenue stream for your practice?

Red light therapy, utilizing therapeutic wavelengths of red and near infrared light, shows promise in addressing the symptoms of numerous conditions, including inflammation, pain, and skin issues. Yet, beyond the clinical benefits, integrating red light therapy can differentiate your practice from others in your area, attract a broader patient base, and ultimately, increase your revenue potential.

We at Contour Light understand that medical professionals demand results-oriented solutions that align with their commitment to patient care. We’re here to equip you with a powerful tool to transform your practice and advance your patients’ well-being. Let’s explore how red light therapy works, its diverse applications, and why the Contour Light system is the ideal choice for doctors seeking to expand their services and income potential.


The Science Behind Red Light Therapy and Its Applications in Medicine

Red light therapy operates on the principle of photobiomodulation, a process where specific wavelengths of red and near-infrared light interact with the cells to stimulate specific biological responses. This interaction increases cellular energy production, improves blood flow, reduces inflammation, and accelerates tissue healing.


In medical practices, red light therapy has been used to:

  • Alleviate Pain and Inflammation: From chronic conditions like arthritis to acute injuries, red light therapy offers a drug-free alternative for pain management.
  • Accelerate Wound Healing: Red light therapy stimulates tissue regeneration and repair, making it a valuable tool for post-surgical recovery and wound care.
  • Enhance Skin Health: Red light therapy stimulates the skin cells to produce elastin and collagen which improve skin tone, texture, and elasticity while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and scars.
  • Support Mental Health: Hundreds of clinical studies and ongoing research have shown promising results in using red light therapy to treat conditions like depression and anxiety, dementia and alzheimers, TBIs, and other brain related issues.


Why Contour Light is the Physician’s Choice

Contour Light is ideal for chiropractors, physical therapy offices, weight loss centers, women’s health practitioners, and general medicine practitioners. While numerous red light therapy devices exist, Contour Light stands out as the optimal choice for medical professionals for several reasons:

  • FDA Clearance: Contour Light is the only medical grade, pad-based red light therapy system with FDA clearance for body contouring (circumferential reduction), pain relief, and increased blood circulation. FDA Clearance validates the system’s safety and effectiveness, assuring you and your patients of a seamless experience with the consistent results.
  • Versatility: Contour Light’s flexible design allows for targeted treatment in problem areas body-wide, adapting to each patient’s specific needs. This versatility opens the door to numerous applications within your practice.
  • Ease of Use: The system’s intuitive interface and hands-free operation make it easy to incorporate into your daily workflow, minimizing any disruption to your existing routine.


“Dr. Charles Goshorn had an open house to introduce his Contour Light system to his clients at his clinic in Webster, NY, a few years ago. He offered a discounted 10-session package and sold so many packages that he was not only able to pay off the first Contour Light system in two weeks; he was able to pay for a second system upfront two weeks later.”

– Charles Goshorn, DC, Goshorn Chiropractic and Wellness Center | Webster, NY


Integrating Red Light Therapy for a Profitable Practice

Red light therapy offers a multifaceted approach to patient care, opening avenues for significant revenue growth.

  • Expanding Your Services: By offering red light therapy, you can attract a broader range of patients seeking non-invasive solutions for pain, inflammation, inch loss, and skin concerns. This diversified patient base can lead to increased revenue through new appointments and treatment packages.
  • Enhancing Existing Treatment Plans: Red light therapy complements a wide array of medical specialties, including dermatology, pain management, and rehabilitation. Integrating it into existing treatment plans can lead to better patient outcomes, higher satisfaction rates, and a stronger reputation for your practice.
  • Attracting New Patients: Red light therapy’s growing popularity can draw new clients to your practice who are specifically seeking this innovative treatment.


Steps to Get Started with Contour Light:

  1. Contact Us for more information on the Contour Light System and a personalized quote.
  2. Familiarize yourself with our tried-and-true Contour Light marketing plan, and begin the pre-approval process for financing.
  3. Get your Contour Light System, sell your customers treatment packages, and recoup your investment!

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