Does Red Light Therapy Result In Facial Fat Loss?

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Does red light therapy result in facial fat loss? This question comes up frequently as both clients and wellness practitioners seek less invasive strategies for a sculpted, youthful-looking face. Red light therapy, with its potential as a valuable complement to a holistic weight loss strategy, is an exciting avenue to explore.

Red light therapy utilizes specific wavelengths of red light and near-infrared light which penetrate the skin, stimulating natural metabolic processes, supporting lymphatic drainage, and triggering the release of stored fat and toxin contents from the fat cells. Let’s explore how Contour Light could contribute to a slimmer, more defined appearance and how you can implement this technology in your weight loss offerings.


How Can Red Light Therapy Influence Facial Fat?

While targeted fat reduction can be challenging, emerging science suggests that red light therapy can support facial slimming. Here are four ways it can positively affect your clients’ weight loss and facial slimming:


Fat Cell Release

Studies indicate that red light therapy stimulates the release and drainage of stored lipid and toxin contents from fat cells. Consistent red light treatment encourages gradual fat cell size reduction, resulting in marked inch loss.


Metabolic Enhancement

There is documented evidence that red light therapy has a positive effect on metabolic rate. This helps your client’s overall weight loss efforts by increasing the body’s natural calorie burning capacity.


Lymphatic Drainage

Red light therapy stimulates lymphatic flow, helping eliminate lipids, toxins, waste products and excess fluids. This can specifically minimize facial puffiness and create a more toned, sculpted appearance.


Collagen Boost

Red light therapy is proven to boost collagen and increase elastin in the skin. This results in  improved skin firmness and elasticity which contributes to a more youthful look, with enhances facial contouring results.


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Integrating Contour Light for Facial Contouring

The Contour Light system stands out for its versatility and practitioner-friendly features. Here’s why it’s ideal for facial fat reduction treatments:


  • Flexible Design: The soft, pliable pads that easily conform to the curves of the body,  along with the perfectly designed face and neck mask, allow for comfortable treatment in target areas like the chin, jawline, or cheeks.
  • Hands-Free Treatment: This feature offers seamless treatment administration, letting your clients relax fully. This translates to a positive experience, increased client satisfaction, and a greater likelihood of referrals.


“Thanks again, so much, for creating this equipment, performing the trials, getting FDA clearance, and offering such a boost to people on weight loss journeys. The Contour Light System has been tremendously helpful to all of our clients who use it. So much so, in fact, that we are contemplating adjusting pricing and adding it as a standard inclusion for all our local weight loss clients because it makes such a difference.”

— Sherene Kershner, Evolve 180 Weight Loss | Bellevue, WA


Though red light therapy is not a magic solution, it is truly remarkable and highly beneficial as a stand alone modality as well as part of a comprehensive approach to weight loss. Combine it with guidance on healthy eating, regular exercise, and stress management for quick and optimal results. By introducing the Contour Light system and red light therapy, you position your practice as a go-to resource for cutting-edge, non-invasive solutions that enhance your clients’ healthy weight loss and overall well-being.


Ready to transform your weight loss offerings? Contact us today to explore how Contour Light can help your practice and your clients. Let us help you achieve your goals and provide an unparalleled client experience.


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