Contour Light Machine for Sale – Special Limited Time Offer!

If you’re looking for a Contour Light machine for sale, now’s the time to buy! We are running a special limited-time offer for qualified practitioners everywhere to add the Contour Light System to their clinics with no money down for 90 days and up to $10,500 off of your 2022 taxes. We are offering this special to provide Contour Light machines for sale to medical and health and wellness professionals looking to elevate the quality of their Red Light Therapy services and improve their revenue stream before the end of this year (2022).contour Light machine for sale


Contour Light Machine For Sale – Special Offer Until Dec. 31, 2022

How the Limited-Time Offer Works 

When you purchase the Contour Light System under this promotion, you have the opportunity to save big during tax season. Here’s how it works: 

  • You purchase your Contour Light System and have it in use no later than December 31, 2022.
  • With qualified credit approval, you make NO payments for 90 Days – allowing you to start using your device without a dent in your cash flow.
  • Under Section 179, you can deduct up to the full cost of the machine from your end-of-the-year taxes. If you are in the 35% tax bracket, you can save up to $10,500.

This offer also includes: No prepayment penalties, no down payment, fast credit decisions, and no hard inquiries on your credit.

Contact Joseph Martin, Director of  Sales and Customer Care at (949) 899-7932 or by filling out this form to learn more about this special offer.


About the Contour Light System

The Contour Light System offers the latest advancements in Red light Therapy. Our unique pad-based delivery system contours comfortably around all parts of the body – allowing our LED light source to be as close to the skin as possible. Along with our proprietary reflective coating, the close-fitting pads provide the opportunity for maximum absorption of the combined wavelengths of LED (635nm) and near infrared light (880nm) blend. 

Those who have used the Contour Light System have seen significant results in body contouring and fat loss, pain management, temporary relief of arthritis and muscle/joint pain, and increased local blood circulation.

Additionally, Contour Light is the only FDA Cleared device of its kind for body contouring (circumference reduction), pain management, and increased local blood circulation. 

Read more to discover what sets the Contour Light System apart.   


Benefits of Adding a Contour Light System to Your Practice

We have seen a notable increase in interest in Red Light Therapy devices due to the growing public awareness of this non-surgical, non-invasive option that yields measurable results. As one of the most in-demand treatments, the Contour Light System has transformed the trajectory of our practitioners’ businesses almost instantly. 

Not only have they welcomed a new client base and revenue stream, but also, in many cases, the ROI has allowed them to pay off their Contour Light Systems within the first few months of service. The system capitalizes on the most in-demand treatment protocol on the market today to provide effective solutions for some of your patients’ most pressing health concerns.

Learn more about the famous ROI with Contour Light.


Contour Light Devices

When we created the Contour Light System, we envisioned a high-quality Red Light Therapy delivery system that would allow health professionals to help their patients with body contouring and pain management, among other applications, while offering a business opportunity that would add significant income to their practices. Learn more about how the Contour Light System works on our website.

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