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    Quick Fact 1; Proven Technology 
    The Contour Light system is for professional use only. Additionally, the Contour Light system is FDA Cleared (#K202955) and is the only system with a reflective coating on all of the light surfaces.

    Quick Fact 2: Financing
    We offer a variety of options to purchase or finance your Contour Light system:
    • Check
    • Credit card
    • Direct bank deposit or wire transfer
    • Equipment leases with very reasonable rates, featuring a $1 buyout, no prepayment penalty and terms from 3-5 years. Fast qualifying process for all levels of credit.

    Quick Fact 3: Training Requirements
    The Contour Light system is so easy to use, any staff member can learn how to perform a treatment after a brief 1 minute demonstration/explanation of set up and operation.

    Quick Fact 4: How soon will I receive it?
    The purchase and delivery cycle of a Contour Light is typical just a couple day process, which means that you will likely be up and running within a week of placing your order.

    Quick Fact 5: Market Viability
    Many of the clinics and businesses that purchased the Contour Light have completely paid off their system in the first month of ownership, some even in just two weeks after adding it to their menu of services. It is one of the most highly sought after treatments in the health and wellness arena.