How to Start a Red Light Therapy Business

a wellness practitioner performing massage on a client, how to start a red light therapy businessThe red light therapy industry is booming, offering lucrative opportunities for wellness entrepreneurs. If you are passionate about helping others and interested in cutting-edge treatments, starting a red light therapy business could be your path to success. However, a well-executed strategy is essential.

Here at Contour Light, we’re committed to supporting practitioners and the growth of the red light therapy industry. We’ll guide you through the essential steps, from market research to regulatory compliance and scaling your business. Let’s explore how to launch a successful red light therapy business and achieve your entrepreneurial goals.

The Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy offers a safe, non-invasive option that can be a valuable part of a comprehensive treatment plan for various health and wellness goals. By utilizing specific therapeutic wavelengths of light, red light therapy stimulates cellular processes, leading to the following benefits:

  • Improved skin health: Reduction of wrinkles, fine lines, acne, and accelerated wound healing
  • Pain and inflammation reduction: Relief for chronic conditions and muscle soreness
  • Enhanced muscle recovery: Faster healing and reduced post-workout soreness
  • Weight loss support: Body Contouring that boosts metabolism and target fat cells
  • Improved mental clarity: Proven benefits for cognitive function and mood
  • Holistic wellness support: Promotes relaxation and a sense of well-being

“Our whole business model is centered around the Contour Light delivery system for body contouring, reduced pain, and increased blood flow… We start each session with a spa treatment using the Contour Light. We have clients with fibromyalgia and pain who now, after Contour Light treatments, have stopped taking their pain meds and are able to sleep. We have one client who lost 25 lbs. in 2 months with Contour Light red light therapy sessions only. We have a client who had a spot on her face that her dermatologist would not remove for fear of scarring, that after a month of Contour Light session, it was gone. We try to make Contour Light affordable and accessible to impart our clients’ health protocol. The new trend of fitness is Wellness, and we are super excited to be part of this movement with Contour Light Red Light Therapy.”

– Allison Beardsley, Owner, Red Lite Method | Bentonville, AK


Regulations and Licensing

Ensuring you operate within legal and health safety guidelines is a requirement. Regulations can vary across states or regions, so concerted research is required. Depending on the scope of your services, you or your staff may require professional healthcare licenses such as a dermatologist, physical therapist, or esthetician, thought Contour Light requires no special licensing. 

It is prudent to research general business licenses, health and safety permits, and ensure your location complies with zoning laws for health and wellness businesses.


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Choosing the Right Location & Equipment

Your location and space influence your clients’ experience and business success. Consider your target audience and the ambiance you want to create. Invest in high-quality red light therapy devices – this is the core of your business. The Contour Light System offers several advantages:

  • FDA Clearance: Contour Light is the only pad-based Red Light Therapy device that has FDA clearance. FDA clearance ensures safety and efficacy, and allows you to confidently and legally market the clinically proven benefits.
  • Pad-Based Design: The Contour Light system includes flexible pads that can be customized  for comprehensive, yet targeted, whole body treatments, along with a face mask that treats the face, neck and chest.
  • Science-Backed Results: The clinical studies performed on Contour Light red light therapy by an independent research lab, demonstrated that Contour Light consistently and effectively treats fat and inch loss, chronic pain, muscle recovery, increased circulation, skin rejuvenation and accelerated wound healing.


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Marketing and Scaling Your Red Light Therapy Business

Contour Light offers an affordable comprehensive marketing program that is fully dedicated to helping practitioners build and expand their red light therapy business.  As your business grows, so will the need to adapt and evolve. Focusing on maintaining the quality of service your clients expect, hiring and training a skilled team, staying updated on the latest red light therapy research, and continuously improving your customer experience will build a solid reputation in the health and wellness industry.

When you purchase a Contour Light you receive free access to Contour University which offers tools, information, research and everything you need to know about  the product and red light therapy. Partnering with a reputable manufacturer like Contour Light  provides you with support, resources, and guidance as your business flourishes.


Start Your Red Light Therapy Business with Contour Light Devices

Launching a red light therapy business is an exciting and highly rewarding path. It involves strategic planning, a commitment to quality, investment in FDA-cleared devices like Contour Light, and a focus on delivering exceptional client experiences. With the right approach and the support of Contour Light, you’ll be well-positioned for success in this dynamic industry.


Ready to bring the power of red light therapy to your community? Contact us today to explore how Contour Light can light your path to a successful red light therapy business ownership.


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