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Contour Light Devices has Red Light Therapy devices for sale that can add a new set of services to your practice in 2023. Red Light Therapy has proven to help practices like yours increase their revenue and clientele while offering services like body contouring, skin rejuvenation, and pain management. 

With the Contour Light System, you can offer your clients speedy results with top-of-the-line technology that is easy to administer and comfortable for your patients. 

The Science Behind Red Light Therapy

While Red Light Therapy isn’t new, it’s just recently earned consistently high respect across the medical technology field. Devices like ours are proving the effectiveness of Red Light Therapy against troubles like cellulite, acne, chronic pain, and more. 

Researchers have identified a clinically proven wavelength of LED (635nm) and near-infrared light (880nm) that interacts with our bodies on a cellular level to increase our natural energy production. More energy in the cells produces skin repair, enhanced healthy cell growth, and increased blood circulation. 


How Can Red Light Therapy Benefit Your Practice?

Red Light Therapy is a pain-free, non-invasive treatment option that provides effective solutions for some of your patients’ most pressing health concerns. With no common side effects, easy application, and significant results, you’re likely to see established and new clients alike flood into your practice. 

As there are many Red Light Therapy devices on the market, you need to be sure that the system you purchase not only serves you and your clients’ needs but is also able to adapt as we learn more about the power of Red Light Therapy. 


Red Light Therapy Devices For Sale | Contour Light Devices

With the Contour Light System, you are able to offer Red Light Therapy services with the latest advancement in light emitting diode (LED) technology. 

Best Device on the Market

When we developed the Contour Light System, we placed our high-powered, German-made, surface-mount microchip LEDs into a soft and flexible pad that provides full coverage, and targeted treatment for the whole body. Each pad has a layer of our proprietary reflective coating that allows for maximum light absorption, which leads to faster results.  red light therapy devices for sale


We are proud to say that the Contour Light System is FDA Cleared and provides the fastest ROI in the Red Light and Near Infrared Light Therapy industry. This growth has allowed several of our customers to completely pay off their devices and generate a profit within the first two weeks of ownership. Some have purchased a second device with the profit made from the first.  

Done-For-You Marketing Program

We have partnered with a nationwide digital marketing firm to create an affordable, Done-For-You Custom Marketing Program, available to any practice and business that purchases a system from Contour Light Devices

This customizable marketing program is designed to draw in current and new clientele without you having to lift a finger for digital marketing efforts. The program includes benefits like:

  • A personalized discovery and strategy meeting to take your marketing program from a vision to reality
  • A compelling and customized landing page with a clear call-to-action
  • Customized weekly social media posts on Facebook and Instagram to attract new clientele and stay in touch with existing patients
  • Facebook Ads to generate interest and traffic to your website and business
  • + more!

You can learn more about this marketing program here. 


Contour Light Devices

For more information about the Contour Light System and how it can benefit your practice, contact us today.

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