An integral aspect of a successful practice and business is the ability to strategically and effectively market the services you offer. As Red Light Therapy is increasing in demand, it is time to make sure your current and potential clients know that you have the best Red Light Therapy system from Contour Light Devices.Contour Light Devices

We are committed to providing your practice with not only the most advanced Red Light Therapy device available, but also an effective, affordable, customized marketing program to help you educate and expand your client base.


Set Your Practice Up for Success

Effective marketing takes time and diligence. We understand that you may not have the bandwidth to focus on building and implementing a successful marketing strategy while also running your practice.

We have developed a way to provide your practice with all the promotional and educational materials you need to inform your existing patients and new prospects about your Contour Light System without sacrificing an exorbitant amount of time, money, and energy.


Contour Light Devices Affordable Custom Marketing Program 

We have partnered with a nationwide digital marketing firm to create an affordable, Done-For-You custom marketing package, available to any practice and business that purchases a system from Contour Light Devices. 

This customized marketing program is designed to draw in current and new clientele without you having to lift a finger for digital marketing efforts.   

The program includes:

  • Personalized Discovery and Strategy Meeting to take your marketing program from a vision to reality
  • A Compelling and Customized Landing Page with a clear call-to-action
  • Customized weekly Social Media posts on Facebook and Instagram to attract new clientele and stay in touch with existing patients
  • Facebook Ads to generate interest and traffic to your website and business
  • Google Ads using data-driven keywords so your target audience can find you
  • Email drip campaigns to entice your current clientele to try Contour Light treatments
  • Monthly progress reports with the marketing team to analyze the digital marketing results and assess the strategy 

With affordable, customized services suited to your needs, your practice will reap great benefits from a strong marketing strategy without the hassle of doing it yourself. We highly recommend this valuable program.


Marketing Materials from Contour Light 

We provide back office access to important forms, instructions, and customizable in-office marketing materials that are freely available to download, personalize, and print once you have purchased the Contour Light System from us.   

To learn more about the Contour Light System or our Done-For-You Marketing Program, please contact Joe Martin, Director, Sales and Customer Care directly: 949.899.7932 or

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