Are Professional Red Light Therapy Devices Worth It?

A patient lying comfortably on a treatment table with the full body Contour Light professional red light therapy machine

The rise of consumer education on wellness has more health and wellness providers shopping for technology to optimize their practice. There are a mix of devices on the market for almost every condition, all requiring varying levels of time and financing, and it may feel daunting to find a practical new treatment to offer your clients. Discover why professional red light therapy devices are well worth the investment for you and those you serve.


How Red Light Therapy Works


Professional red light therapy devices work by directing concentrated light onto the body. Specifically, red and near-infrared frequencies are absorbed into the dermis and down to the muscles, stimulating the mitochondria of the cells to produce increased cellular energy (ATP). 

The safety and effectiveness of these frequencies are backed by thousands of clinical studies, and now have several applications for improving skin health and overall wellness. Patients seek out red light therapy for pain and inflammation relief, anti-aging effects, and even to boost weight loss results with red light body contouring.


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Red light therapy has never been more popular, with modern consumers taking a more proactive and preventative approach to their wellness. Providers who take advantage of this technology can act as long-term trusted partners to their clients – and improve the marketability of their existing offerings at the same time.


What About At-Home Red Light Devices? 


A professional red light therapy protocol takes into account the most effective possible treatment, as well as patient safety. That’s where at-home red light therapy devices tend to fall short, as they are manufactured more cheaply and for quick sale. 

Lamp- and wand-style red light therapy devices have proliferated on Amazon and other online retailers, but these devices are typically intended to target only one area of the body at a time, and would require multiple units to cover the full body.

Also, while professional red light therapy devices come outfitted with a high volume of the clinically proven therapeutic red LED lights, many at-home devices place a limited number of LEDs farther apart, to cut costs. The result? Less concentrated red light frequencies, in some cases amounting to not much more than an expensive red flashlight. 


Contour Light: The Professional’s Choice for Red Light Therapy 


Health and wellness practitioners are excited about the Contour Light System, and in fact, have been for years. Contour Light is the only pad-based red light therapy device with an FDA clearance, making it the industry standard for clinics and independent professionals.

Contour Light goes above and beyond with the highest quality components and design, by embedding hundreds of high-powered microchip LEDs into soft and flexible pads, lined with a proprietary reflective coating to ensure maximum absorption of light. The system consists of 6 adjustable pads to cover 360 degrees of torso, arms, legs, and feet, as well as a perfectly contoured face mask that covers the face and chest.


The wrap-around effects of the Contour Light System provide an unparalleled experience for your current and future clients – all guided by you and your staff, with no additional credentials or license needed to operate the device. Your customers can feel free to relax, and even nap while soaking in the benefits of red light, while you take care of starting the device and stopping it once the 30 minute maximum is reached.


Are you a spa, gym or clinic operator interested in offering a new service to boost your clients’ results and keep them coming back for more? Contact us directly to discover how the Contour Light System can pay dividends for your wellness business. 


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