How Contour Light Therapy Promotes Accelerated Recovery

For medical practitioners, estheticians, or professionals who are interested in offering red light therapy at their facility, Contour Light offer can help serve as an additional treatment option for your recovery plans. This advanced form of red light therapy for numerous therapeutic indications makes it an attractive addition to practices aiming to enhance patient care.


The Science Behind Contour Light Therapy

Contour Light therapy utilizes a unique combination of LED technology and specific therapeutic wavelengths (635nm and 880nm) to penetrate the skin and tissue. This process stimulates cellular activity, enhancing the body’s own natural healing processes.


Clinical Study Insight

a patient enrobed in the contour light therapy system for red light therapy sessionClinical studies, such as those found in the National Center for Biotechnology Information, have demonstrated the effectiveness of these wavelengths in promoting accelerated tissue repair and reducing inflammation. This makes Contour Light therapy an ideal solution for a range of conditions, from skin issues to pain management.

A study published in the NCBI highlights the efficacy of red light therapy in skin rejuvenation, showing significant improvements in skin complexion and texture. 


Unique Advantages of Contour Light Therapy

Contour Light therapy stands out with its FDA clearance for body contouring, pain management, and increased blood circulation. Its pad-based design allows for treating multiple body areas simultaneously, providing a more efficient and patient-friendly experience.

The therapy’s ability to blend both 635nm and 880nm wavelengths harnesses the benefits of each frequency, offering a comprehensive treatment solution. This dual-wavelength approach is particularly effective in body contouring, pain relief, and enhancing local blood circulation.


Patient testimonials continue to claim benefits of pain relief and quicker recovery from aches and pains:

“About a week ago, I woke up unable to move without sharp stabbing pains in my lower right back. I immediately flashed on the moment I had quickly lifted the corner of the couch to position it on the area rug the day before… In an effort to stop the pain, I had a 20-minute Contour Light treatment that morning, and later that day I realized the pain had subsided nearly 50%. A few days later I had another 20-minute Contour Light treatment, and by the end of that day, the pain was gone, gone, gone. I have had this sort of injury before and have agonized with pain for weeks, trying to adjust my posture as I slowly but surely would become a slouching ball of pain. But this time, when the first searing stab of pain hit me like a ton of bricks, I went straight for a Contour Light treatment, and the outcome was even better and faster than I ever imagined. I am dancing a dance of joy!”

— Therese M.


Benefits for Your Practice

The benefits of integrating Contour Light therapy into your practice opens up new possibilities for patient treatment. It’s not just an addition to your services; it’s a step toward adopting a more holistic and effective approach to patient care.

This therapy aligns with the growing demand for non-invasive, effective treatment options, making your practice more appealing to a broader patient base. It also offers a lucrative new revenue stream, with the great potential for high patient satisfaction and repeat visits.


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Offer Contour Light at Your Facility

Contour Light therapy represents a significant advancement in therapeutic treatments. Its ability to stimulate accelerates healing and recovery, backed by clinical studies and FDA clearance, makes it a valuable addition to any medical or aesthetic practice.

Explore the potential of Contour Light for your practice. Contact us to learn more about how this innovative treatment can benefit your patients and contribute to the growth of your practice.

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