Top Clinical Studies on Red Light Therapy for Body Contouring

A tape measure for studying inch loss in clinical studies on red light therapy for body contouring.The shift toward non-invasive body contouring methods has led to the adoption of innovative technologies. Red light therapy offers a compelling option for body contouring. This approach is backed by clinical studies that underscore its effectiveness and has gained attention for its ability to reduce fat without invasive methods such as surgery when included in a treatment plan.

Contour Light sets itself apart by being the only FDA-cleared pad-based red light therapy system for body contouring. This distinction highlights its role in advancing non-invasive treatment options and provides medical practitioners with a new option for enhancing patient care.


Clinical Studies on Red Light Therapy for Body Contouring

For medical professionals exploring the latest in body contouring, the evidence supporting red light therapy is both promising and robust. Four key studies illustrate the impact of this technology on fat reduction and body sculpting:


  1. Jackson RF, Dedo DD, Roche GC, et al. demonstrated significant circumference reduction in the waist, hips, and thighs, showcasing the direct impact of red light therapy on adipose tissue. 
  2. McRae E, Boris J. highlighted the non-invasive nature of red light therapy in contouring the waist, hips, and thighs, further validating its effectiveness. Explore the findings.
  3. Nestor MS, Zarraga MB, Park H. focused on upper arm circumference reduction, expanding the application of red light therapy beyond traditional target areas. Discover more.
  4. Roche GC, Shanks S, Jackson RF. provided evidence on the cumulative effects of red light therapy, emphasizing its role in comprehensive body sculpting. Learn about the research.


The Contour Light System: A Case Study in Innovation

The Contour Light System exemplifies the advancements in red light therapy, offering a targeted approach to fat reduction. The pad-based wrap design allows for simultaneous treatment of multiple body areas, making it a versatile tool for practitioners.


For practitioners, red light therapy represents a safe, effective, and non-invasive option for body contouring. The results our partnered providers are able to achieve, including the above-mentioned studies, supports its integration into aesthetic treatment plans.


“One woman I treated with the Contour Light was really great because she was so skeptical. She had a lot of questions, but she ended up purchasing a package and every time she came in she had more questions. She wanted it for weight loss, but has some concerns because she had a lot of autoimmune issues. Up to now she has done three rounds of sessions (36 treatments over 3 months). I don’t even think we know the number of pounds she lost, but she has lost over 15 inches. She used to be bigger, but when I wrap the pads on her, now they overlap so much. When she comes into the office, she looks so good, slimmer, and feels so great. She says she gets so many compliments. She was finally able to lose inches in her hips and legs where she just couldn’t for more than 20 years. She feels so much more energy, is happier. She said, “This just improved my whole quality of life so much.”

Elizabeth Johnson (Provider)

Total Health Holistic Clinic, Menomonee, WI


Get Contour Light for Your Practice


Red light therapy stands as a testament to innovation in non-invasive body contouring. The clinical studies referenced provide a solid foundation for its efficacy, making it an attractive option for medical practitioners looking to expand their services.

Incorporating the Contour Light System into a practice aligns with the growing demand for non-invasive treatments and offers a scientifically backed new revenue stream that will contribute to your patients’ body sculpting goals.

Contact us directly for more information about The Contour Light System. You can also watch this video going over the benefits of red light therapy to hear about the device from its creator.

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