Four Types of Patients That Benefit from Red Light Therapy

Is a red light therapy device the right choice for your medical practice? First, it may help to learn how it works, and about the types of patients that benefit from red light therapy.

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Red light therapy uses low-level wavelengths of red light and near infrared light to stimulate the energy of the mitochondria in the cells, which lead to positive benefits by increasing the transportation of oxygen and electrons. Red light therapy fits into a wide range of medical clinics, including dermatology clinics, medspas, and more.


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The Contour Light therapy machine is the leading FDA-cleared red light therapy pad based system. This highly sought-after technological advancement is a fusion of LED light at a wavelength of 635 nm and near-infrared light at 880 nm, combining the established benefits of both frequencies. This red light therapy device provides well established body contouring, increased local blood circulation which reduces swelling, pain management, and temporary alleviation of arthritis, muscle, and joint pain.


Read below to learn about the most common types of people that may benefit from red light therapy.


Four Types of Patients That Benefit From Red Light Therapy

If your patient is wondering whether red light therapy is a good choice for them, consider their health goals. Some common types of patients that benefit from red light therapy include:


Those who Exercise Often

Red light therapy has been used by elite athletes and active individuals to recover after intensive performances or injury. Because red light therapy has been shown to reduce inflammation and promote cell recovery and renewed energy, athletes seek out red light therapy to prevent and heal injury and enhance physical performance.


Those with Skin Conditions

Red light therapy has been sought by those who wish to address skin maladies, including acne, facial scarring, rosacea, eczema, and fine lines and wrinkles. Studies have shown that red light penetrates the skin and activates collagen and elastin production, which are essential for firmer and clearer skin. Patients see benefits from using red light therapy to tighten and smooth the skin all over their bodies.


Those with Chronic Pain

Those with joint pain, muscle pain, or inflammation have sought out red light therapy because it is a drug-free alternative to chronic pain medication with no negative side effects. It has been shown to prompt the lymphatic system to detoxify the body more effectively, noticeably reducing inflammation, which in turn relieves pain and discomfort.


Those Who Wish to Lose Weight

While red light therapy does not kill or eliminate fat cells, it encourages fat loss by stimulating the mitochondria of the fat cells to liquify fat and toxins in the cells and flush them out through the lymphatic system. The Contour Light System is the only FDA-cleared pad-based system for body contouring, which leverages this form of treatment to noticeably reduce hip, waist, and thigh circumference.


What Patients Say About Contour Light

The Contour Light Device is the ideal system for any practice, as there are so many types of patients that benefit from red light therapy.

The Contour Light system is set apart from other similar devices due to its reflective coating, which continually captures and redirects light energy back into the tissue for maximum strength and absorption. Both clinicians and patients have seen life-changing results.


“I’ve discovered unanticipated benefits from my Contour Light therapy. Beyond the 1/2 hour of complete relaxation … my face feels smoother and has a little glow to it. Most impressive though – and totally unexpected, I went in for the regular treatment with a shoulder injury and the light therapy completely relieved it. This is some good stuff, Man!!”

— Patients of Dr. Mary Mees share their experiences with the Contour Light


Read more Contour Light testimonials from practitioners and patients about how they benefit from red light therapy.


Contact the team at Contour Light Devices to see how red light therapy can make a difference in your medical or health and wellness practice. You can also watch this video to hear more about the device from its creator, Douglas Dreier.

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