Can You Use Red Light Therapy For Skin Tightening?

Rapid weight loss can create baggy skin that refuses to snap back into place. Find out why Red Light Therapy for skin tightening is an effective solution in our new post!


Is Red Light Therapy for skin tightening an effective treatment during weight loss? Yes!


So you’re on track to achieve your goal weight, but your skin can begin to sag if the weight loss is quick and substantial.  Don’t let baggy skin weigh you down. Rapid weight loss, either due to major lifestyle changes or medical procedures, can have unexpected secondary effects that need to be addressed for you to feel your best.


The Contour Light System, which offers the latest advancements in red light and near-infrared light delivery, can help with a number of maladies, but individuals who need skin tightening, in particular, can see noticeable benefits from this form of treatment.


red light therapy for skin tightening

The Effects of Rapid Weight Loss


Rapid weight loss can have serious side effects that will need to be monitored over time as the body gets used to its new normal. 


In some circumstances, rapid weight loss can contribute to internal problems ranging from nausea and fatigue to gallstones and gout. But another common challenge is the leftover or excess skin that often remains as the last vestige of the transformation you’ve undergone.


When individuals lose a lot of weight quickly – often 100 pounds or more – their skin may fail to “snap back” because the elasticity of the skin has been lost to time. This can often lead to feelings of frustration and low self-esteem because even though the excess weight is gone, the physical reminder remains in the form of baggy skin on the arms, stomach, and elsewhere. Red Light Therapy, as part of the weight loss journey, can help to mitigate baggy skin. The best outcomes occur when used as often as 3 times a week during the weight loss time frame, red light therapy not only helps to rid the body of toxins and fat, but also relieves pain and discomfort, and lifts the mood, it smooths and tightens the skin every step of your weight loss journey. Best when partnered simultaneously during the weight loss, it helps you arrive at your goal weight looking and feeling like you had hoped with skin that fits your new body.. For people who have lost significant weight and do have sagging skin, red light treatments can help to smooth and tighten their skin as well. 

How Does Red Light Therapy For Skin Tightening Work?

Red Light Therapy can trigger the healing and rejuvenating responses that your body needs for skin tightening.


A multitude of studies have shown that this spectrum of light can penetrate the skin to activate collagen and elastin production, essential elements responsible for skin health and elasticity. Red Light Therapy does this by increasing fibroblast production, producing a supportive and tightening effect that improves the look and feel of the skin.


Body Sculpting with the Contour Light System


The benefits of Red Light Therapy using the Contour Light System are more than skin-deep. 


In addition to Red Light Therapy for skin tightening during weight loss, Contour Light Treatment can also be used for body contouring, inflammation reduction, pain management, and more. 


The Contour Light system is amazing. Within the first two treatments, I noticed that my skin was becoming more firm and smooth. The light helped me lose inches and also tightened my skin, making me look much younger!

— Catherine G.


Contour Light Treatment is a non-invasive method that uses flexible pads to apply red and near-infrared light more effectively than any other delivery method on the market. Weight loss clinics in particular can benefit by investing in Contour Light for happier clients and increased profitability.


Want to bring Red Light Therapy to your weight loss clinic? Contact Joe Martin at Contour Light now to learn how.

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