Does Red Light Therapy Work For Weight Loss?

Red Light Therapy has been used successfully by numerous health and wellness professionals to treat a variety of issues, including body contouring (fat loss) and skin rejuvenation. But how does it work for weight loss, and what makes the Contour Light System more effective than other forms of red light treatment? 

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How Does Red Light Therapy Induce Weight Loss?

If you aren’t familiar with red light treatments, you might assume that it falls somewhere between a sauna and laser hair removal – that is, unwanted fat or cellulite is somehow “cooked” or “burned” out of the body. But that isn’t how it works at all.


When our skin absorbs red and near-infrared light, the energy from that light triggers natural internal processes that include collagen production, elastin production, and healing at the cellular level.


With those processes underway, the body naturally detoxifies and purifies the skin and surrounding tissues, eliminating cellulite and fat cells. These results are well-documented – so much so that the FDA has cleared the Contour Light System for hip, waist, and thigh body contouring.


How Weight Loss Benefits Are Enhanced By The Contour Light System 

Unlike earlier forms of red light therapy, which could negatively impact the skin by delivering hot light through traditional bulbs, the Contour Light System uses modern LEDs that maximize the benefits of treatment and eliminate any heat-related downsides.


Further, the LEDs are affixed to a flexible pad that goes directly onto the skin, which increases the amount of light energy absorbed during each session. For these reasons, many clients who choose the Contour Light System find out that red light therapy works for weight loss after just a few treatments.


Does Red Light Therapy Work for Weight Loss Practitioners?

Medical professionals, aestheticians, and other wellness providers who already know that the answer to “Does red light therapy work for weight loss?” is “Yes!” are adding the Contour Light System to their offerings because of the demonstrable results and ROI it generates.


In addition to body contouring and weight loss, red light and near-infrared light can also help with physical challenges like inflammation and decreased circulation, as well as mental or emotional obstacles like postpartum depression and seasonal affective disorder.



“Our whole business model is centered around the Contour Light delivery system for body sculpting, reduced pain, and increased blood flow – these are just the FDA-cleared items. It is awesome to use … one client lost 25 lbs. in our first 2 months of being open with Contour Light red light therapy sessions only.”

— Dr. Mary Mees, LAc, DAOM; Central Coast Light Therapy | Avila, CA



In conclusion, red light therapy is a proven and non-invasive treatment method for clients seeking weight loss – and a good investment for practitioners who want to provide these services.


Want to offer weight loss treatments with the Contour Light System? Contact Joe Martin at Contour Light to get started.

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