While it’s not necessarily a new science, public awareness of Red Light Therapy has recently increased, and your patients are bound to have some questions. Some of the most common questions we see are about the application and safety of Red Light Therapy during pregnancy

At Contour Light Devices, research has generally proven that our device is safe to use with no known side effects. However, we know that every patient and situation is different. 

Here’s an FAQ you can refer to and share with your patients who may have concerns about undergoing Red Light Therapy while pregnant. 


Q: How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

A: Red Light Therapy works when LED and near-infrared light, in proven clinical therapeutic wavelengths of 635nm and 880nm are used to directly affect the mitochondria in our cells and stimulate increased cellular energy production (ATP). This allows the mitochondria to carry out their purpose of cleaning, detoxifying, and energizing cells at an accelerated rate. 


Q: Is it Safe to do Red Light Therapy During Pregnancy?

A: Yes, however, some precautions need to be taken. First and foremost, we recommend that all forms of Red Light Therapy first be cleared with the patient’s OBGYN.  

The LED and near-infrared light emitted by the Contour Light System does not generate heat itself, rather it stimulates the mitochondria which can feel warm as it generates energy in the cells. It is a safe and pain-free treatment that will offer your pregnant patients a comfortable and relaxing experience. Red Light Therapy During Pregnancy

It’s important to note that the flexible red light pads should not be placed on the belly or lower back of a pregnant patient when using the Contour Light System. Every patient and pregnancy is different and this precaution is simply the best practice to keep both the mother and baby safe. 

If your patient wants to stop the course of their Red Light Therapy during pregnancy, there are no worries or adverse effects about putting it on pause, and the positive effects of the therapy will last for a while even after treatment stops.


Q: What are the Benefits of Red Light Therapy During Pregnancy

A: There are several ways that Red Light Therapy can positively impact a woman during pregnancy and even into their postpartum life. 

Inflammation Reduction

In the process of Red Light Therapy, blood flow, and lymphatic circulation is increased and that works to reduce inflammation and cleanse the body of free radicals. This means that the joint and muscle pain that comes with hormonal and physiological changes that occur during pregnancy can be treated with a few sessions of Red Light Therapy.  

Cellular Regeneration

Red light therapy is known to help increase circulation between blood and tissue cells and stimulates a healing response in the skin. Studies show that Red Light Therapy encourages improvement in wound healing, and conditions like rosacea, acne, and scarring. Cells become stronger, and healthier, and are better able to respond to damage, and actively rejuvenate themselves.

Discover the postpartum benefits of Red Light Therapy here.

Q: What’s the Best Red Light Therapy Device to Use During Pregnancy? 

A: The Contour Light System is the best Red Light Therapy device to use during pregnancy due to its innovative design and ease of use. 

This device was designed with large, soft, flexible pads that mold to any body part for targeted treatment. These pads are coated in our proprietary reflective coating that traps the light, resulting in a much higher retention of light energy than with other similar devices. The customizable design allows for specifically focused treatments that keep the mother and baby safe and comfortable for the duration of the treatment. 

And for postpartum, when your patients are struggling with recovering and rebalancing their bodies post-delivery, Red Light Therapy offers increased circulation, relief of pain and discomfort, inch loss, and overall comforting and calming effects on the brain and body. 

Learn More About The Contour Light System

While the Contour Light System is a powerful and effective Red Light Therapy device, it was designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. The setup takes only moments, making treatment sessions convenient and easy for your busy patients and your staff. 

Do you have more questions about the Contour Light System and how it can benefit your patients? Contact our team today.


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