Benefits of Red Light Therapy While Pregnant

Red Light Therapy is known as one of the most effective tools for fat loss, skin rejuvenation, and pain management, but it can also be an excellent source of relief and healing for your pregnant patients. With all the changes that pregnant women go through, Red Light Therapy has the potential to remedy some of the most uncomfortable side effects and even aid in postpartum recovery. Here are some of the ways your patients can benefit from Red Light Therapy while light therapy while pregnant


Is Red Light Therapy Safe for Pregnant Patients?

When introducing a new form of therapy into your practice, it’s common for the issue of safety to arise. Fortunately, low-level Red Light Therapy like that provided by the Contour Light System has proven to be a safe, pain-free, non-invasive treatment. However, when it comes to your pregnant patients, strict precautions are necessary. 

If you are using the Contour Light Device in your clinic, it’s important to note that the pads should not be used on the torso area of your pregnant patients. While we hold to our belief that Red Light Therapy is a safe practice, every patient and every pregnancy is unique. We recommend that all forms of Red Light Therapy treatment first be cleared with the patient’s OBGYN.  

You can read about the potential side effects of Red Light Therapy on our recent blog post.


The Benefits of Red Light Therapy While Pregnant

Red Light Therapy directly stimulates the mitochondria in our cells to increase cellular energy production (ATP), as well as clean, detoxify and energize cells from start to natural finish. This new cell growth can lead to numerous benefits for women during the course of pregnancy and after, including:

Reduction of Inflammation and Swelling

Joint and muscle pain and swelling caused by inflammation and hormonal changes during pregnancy can be treated with The Contour Light System. The combination of 635nm and 880nm wavelengths improve blood and lymphatic circulation, allowing for the reduction of inflammation and the cleansing of the body of free radicals.


After a woman gives birth, whether by natural birth or cesarean, there is a good deal of bodily healing that must take place. Red Light Therapy can help in the following ways:

Stretch Marks

While stretch marks are nothing to be ashamed of, there are many patients who feel more comfortable if they aren’t as noticeable. Due to the increase of fibroblast production in the skin and the generation of collagen and elastin during Red Light Therapy, a supporting and tightening effect improves the look and feel of the skin, minimizing the appearance of stretch marks.

Additionally, Red Light Therapy can:

  • Decrease nipple pain while breastfeeding
  • Aid in milk production
  • Decrease postpartum hair loss
  • Ease postoperative pain from a cesarean and episiotomy wounds

According to Kaiyan Medical, in the cases of a cesarean, Red Light Therapy can “have a therapeutic effect of increasing the blood supply and relieving the pain. This will increase the supply of oxygen and nutrients available to the tissues, accelerate the removal of the waste products, and bring about the resolution of inflammation.”


The Contour Light Red Light Therapy System 

The Contour Light System can provide relief of muscle and joint pain, arthritis, muscle spasms, relieving stiffness, promote the relaxation of muscle tissue, and temporarily increased local blood circulation. 

Red Light Therapy can be an ideal treatment while pregnant, due to the comfortable design and innovative technology. The flexible pad design with our proprietary reflective panels is both more effective over shorter periods of time than traditional Red Light Devices, and far more comfortable for patients. 

Your pregnant patients can experience relief quickly and without invasive procedures or excessive medications that may be harmful to the baby. 

Discover how Contour Light differs from traditional Red Light Therapy.

For more information about The Contour Light System and how to introduce it to your practice, contact us todayYou can also watch this video to hear about the device from its creator, Douglas Dreier.


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