Red light therapy has provided a variety of physical benefits for a long time, including fat reduction, but can it “kill” or eliminate the fat cells themselves? The process has more to do with the body’s own capabilities than the laser-based invasion that “killing fat cells” implies. We’ll explain how red light therapy, and specifically Contour Light Treatment, affects fat cells below. 


How Red Light Therapy Affects Fat Cells

First, it’s worth noting that applying red light therapy doesn’t “zap” or otherwise destroy fat cells in the body. Rather, red light and near infrared light interact directly with the mitochondria in the cells, which in turn generates energy, liquifying fat and toxins and releases them to be vacuumed up and eliminated by the lymphatic system of the body. 

Red dart hitting the center of target

It is important to note that it is not the number of fat cells a person has as much as the amount of lipids stored in the fat cells that determine a person’s shape, size and weight. Red Light therapy works directly with the mitochondria in fat cells to melt and release fat into the lymphatic system for elimination, thereby deflating the fat cells resulting in noticeable inch loss and fat loss. As with other cells in the body, fat cells have a lifespan, they expire and are replaced on a regular basis, keeping the same number of fat cells as from childhood. The key to inch, fat and weight loss is in melting and eliminating fat from the cells, not artificially killing fat cells- which will regularly replenish in number anyway. 


Additionally, multiple clinical studies have shown that LED applications of red light (635nm) and near-infrared light (880nm) promote a natural healing response at the cellular level, which can also slough away expired fat cells as a part of the body’s natural processes. 


The Contour Light System in particular is the only FDA-cleared pad based system for body contouring, which leverages this form of treatment to reduce hip, waist, and thigh circumference.


Other Benefits of Red Light Therapy

The healing processes and other benefits of red light therapy extend beyond body contouring. 


When red light penetrates the skin, activating the mitochondria, the skin cells begin to generate and emit more energy that produces more elastin and collagen – all of which contribute to heightened natural processes that heal and detoxify the body, while smoothing  and tightening the skin.


Other benefits of red light therapy can include:


  • Temporary pain relief from arthritis
  • Temporary muscle/joint pain relief
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Accelerated wound healing 
  • Marked reduction of rosacea, acne, scarring and other skin conditions
  • Lighter mood
  • Relaxation and better sleep


Further, targeted clinical studies using red light therapy for brain- and eye-related applications including traumatic brain injury (TBI), macular degeneration, Alzheimer’s, dementia, bipolar, depression and anxiety, as well as other brain related issues are currently ongoing.

Does the Contour Light System’s Red Light Therapy Kill Fat Cells?

The simple answer is no, the Contour Light System does not kill fat cells. It stimulates the body to liquify and release fat for elimination, and deflates the fat cells resulting in inch and fat  loss. Contour Light offers a unique red light therapy delivery system that is highly effective, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical, comfortable and calming for end-users, which makes it a seamless fit at wellness centers ranging from spas to medical offices.


The Contour Light System is specifically designed to effectively speed up body contouring-fat loss and inch loss. The flexible pad-based system applies LED red light and near infrared light, skin close, through soft pads that can be comfortably applied or wrapped around the areas of concern for a safer, healthier, and more enjoyable experience. 


Many clients see noticeable results after just a few treatments, which – in addition to high satisfaction rates – can incentivize repeat visits, positive word-of-mouth, and referrals that increase practitioners’ ROI.


The Contour Light System has been tremendously helpful to all of our clients who use it. So much so, in fact, that we are contemplating adjusting pricing and adding it as a standard inclusion for all our local weight loss clients because it makes such a difference.”

— Sherene Kershner, Evolve 180 Weight Loss | Bellevue, WA


In conclusion, red light therapy doesn’t kill fat cells – but Contour Light users will rightly credit this treatment for the multiple benefits it promotes and enhances in the natural healing processes of their bodies. The results are well documented and truly remarkable.


Contact Joe Martin to bring the Contour Light System to your weight loss clinic.

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