As a practitioner, you understand how difficult and overwhelming losing weight can be for your patients. The world of weight loss is filled with countless landmines, cheap tricks, and dangerous trends that may leave your patients in worse health than before. If you are seeking a non-invasive supplementary procedure for your patients on their weight loss and body contouring journey, red light therapy weight loss is a science-based solution with real results.


The Contour Light Red Light Therapy System is the leading red light, fat loss solution for clinicians. The fusion of therapeutic LED red light and near infrared light, designed with a proprietary reflective coating, delivers and directs more light energy to the targeted areas on the patient’s body than any other system on the market, with consistent notable outcomes.


Red light therapy with the Contour Light System produces real results! Read below to hear stories from real customers.


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Before and After Weight Loss Photos You Need to See to Believe


Red light therapy creates real results due to clinical therapeutic wavelengths of red light (LED) in the 635nm range and near infrared light in the 880nm range. These light waves penetrate the cell membrane to energize the mitochondria, effectively boosting fat loss by draining the fat out of the cells and into the lymphatic system from which it is removed through the body’s natural elimination processes.


The Contour Light system is simple to use and comfortable for patients. The system includes large, flexible pads that perfectly contour to your patient’s body, targeting their trouble areas. The pads are made of easy to clean, clear soft plastic on one side and breathable fabric on the other side, ensuring a comfortable and hygienic experience. The Contour Light system is FDA cleared, safe for all body types, and so easy to use.


Because the Contour Light red light therapy system works with the body’s own healing process, and stimulates fat loss alongside many other benefits, it is a perfect choice for those who wish to avoid the painful, invasive, and negative side effects of alternative solutions. Diet trends like injections and pills can disrupt the body’s natural processes. Red light therapy gives your cells the power to perform their natural processes more effectively and efficiently.


Patients see the best results with red light therapy when they attend multiple sessions per week. The before and after photos featured here show the remarkable results after multiple sessions, with some changes evident in as little as a single session.


What Practitioners Say About Red Light Therapy Weight Loss


Hundreds of clinicians have discovered the power of red light therapy for their patients. Contour Light devices can help clients feel more confident about reaching their weight loss and body contour goals. Practitioners across the nation have seen visible results with their patients. Practitioner Karla Sneed had this to say: 


“Since receiving the Contour Light device we have seen great results! We certainly recommend using the device for clients who are looking to lose belly fat. It really works!”


— Karla Sneed, Practitioner


Read more testimonials from practitioners and patients.


See how Contour Light Devices can make a difference in your medical and wellness practice. For more information about the Contour Light System visit our website.


You can also watch this video to hear more about the device from its creator, Douglas Dreier.


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