Contour Light System VS Traditional Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy is a game changer when it comes to pain relief, body contouring, and skin health. You no longer have to rely on extensive – and expensive – procedures; instead, Red Light Therapy offers hope for your clients who struggle with issues like chronic pain, skin damage, and excess fat. However, picking the correct device for your practice can prove to be difficult. We believe that you need to look no further than the Contour Light System.


Proprietary Design with Both Practitioners and Clients in Mind

When we surveyed the Red Light Therapy product landscape, we found that the majority of the devices were handheld or made up of panels that either got very hot, needed constant re-adjusting, and could only treat a small area at a time. The problem with the other devices is that it makes targeted treatment cumbersome, time consuming, labor intensive, and not particularly comfortable for your patient. We wanted to find a solution that not only made treatments easier and more comfortable for patients and practitioners alike, but also produced more consistent results. The Contour Light System is designed with 4 large and 2 medium flexible pads that conform to the body for a close as skin treatment. Because of this revolutionary design, full body, targeted treatment is safe and easy to achieve.

Application of this flexible pad system is simple, it takes minimal time to set up, and treatment times are greatly reduced due to the complete coverage provided in one session. Our pads have a proprietary reflective coating, that allows for greater therapeutic light absorption into the cells when using Contour Light over our competitors’ devices. The greater the light absorption, the quicker the results for your patients.


FDA-Cleared Red Light Therapy Technology 

One of the major concerns about Red Light Therapy treatments is the potential skin damage that can occur when using non-optimal light frequency or laser applications. Fortunately, the Contour Light System utilizes clinically proven, cool red LED and near-infrared lights, it is safe against the skin, and it does not pose potential harm to the cells such as therapies including ultrasound, cool scultping-freezing therapy and laser light technologies. A Contour Light LED and near infrared light treatment not only doesn’t damage the cells, it promotes cellular regeneration, stimulates cell detoxification, increases blood flow, and reduces inflammation. Contour Light prioritizes your clients’ safety. As a result, our system is the only FDA-cleared Red Light Therapy pad delivery system on the market.  


Impressive Results and Pain-Free Treatments

Along with safety, we guarantee a comfortable and pain-free experience for your clients. Other Red Light Therapy devices can be tedious and uncomfortable, but the Contour Light System was designed for optimal effectiveness and a results-focused, soothing experience for the patient. Clients can receive a head-to-toe treatment with notable positive outcomes thanks to our comfortable pads and the specialized mask that is placed over the face and neck.

Administering a Contour Light treatment takes no more than 5 minutes to set up, then you can set the timer and go about your business while your client luxuriates for 20-30 minutes. Spend less time fiddling with handheld devices and let the Contour Light System do the work for you.  


For more information about The Contour Light System contact us directly. You can also watch this video to hear a word about the device from its creator, Douglas Dreier.


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