Three Reasons Your Med-Spa Needs the Contour Light System

The demand for Red light Therapy is rapidly increasing and as a Med-Spa owner, it is vital that you have the right device to best serve your customers’ needs. The Contour Light System is the only Red Light Therapy device that you will need to ensure reliable and lasting results. There are many reasons why red light therapy is ideal for your Med-Spa, but we’re going to focus on our top three: Body Sculpting, Skin Rejuvenation and Inflammation Reduction/Pain Relief. 


1. Contour Light Provides Excellent Results in Body Sculpting


If you’re new to the Red Light Therapy field you may not know the vast range of benefits that come from the innovative treatment. One of the most sought after treatments is body sculpting/fat loss. Our perfectly balanced array of red light (LED) and near-infrared light combine to target problem areas, to melt and release fat from the cells into the lymphatic system which expels it from the body. The lights are built into a series of pads that vary in sizes to easily conform to the body and allow for precise therapy.

How It Works

During a Contour Light treatment, clinically proven wavelengths – red light -LED (635nm) and near infrared light (880nm) – are absorbed through the skin and into the mitochondria of the cell. The mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell, is stimulated by the red light to generate more energy, creating an influx of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) into the target area. In addition to ATP, the Aesthetic Bureau explains that red light therapy “also affects adipocytes, or the cells that store fat….[studies] show that exposure to red light therapy causes the adipocytes to release triglycerides, resulting in reduced volume and a measurable loss of fat.” With the boost from the ATP, the fat cells diminish quickly, leaving your patients with significant measurable results after just a few sessions. 


2. Remarkable Skin Rejuvenation with Red Light Therapy

Some of your clients may be looking for dermatological solutions; instead of enduring painful procedures or multi-step processes, Red Light Therapy can provide a non-invasive, pain-free treatment. And it has been a proven remedy for skin conditions like rosacea, acne, and scars. When the energy from the clinical red light permeates the mitochondria of the fibroblast cells, there is an increase in production of collagen and elastin which allows the cells to shore up and rejuvenate.

Our device is designed with targeted treatment in mind. Our flexible pad system allows for a completely customizable treatment. The soft pads can wrap around targeted parts of the body, and a specially designed mask covers the face, neck and chest area. Your patients can have a full-coverage, effective treatment for tighter and smoother skin.


3. Offer Inflammation Reduction and Pain Relief with Contour Light

Some of the top benefits from Contour Light Red Light Therapy is Inflammation Reduction and Pain Relief. Many of your clients may come to you for relief from muscle or joint pain. While many doctors prescribe medication or over-the-counter pain relievers, you can provide a chemical-free solution that is highly effective and clinically proven.

When the specific wavelengths of red light LED 635nm and near infrared 880nm are introduced into the body, the blood and lymphatic circulation is improved and inflammation is reduced as free radicals are flushed out of the system. With Contour Light, you can target the inflamed areas with our flexible light pads. Each pad is equipped with our proprietary reflective coating that continually redirects the red light back into the skin for a deeper and more effective absorption into the cells. This means better and faster results for your patients.


Bringing a Contour Light System into your Med-Spa will open the doors for many more patients and allow you to expand your services. The device is easy to operate and your clients will love the noticeable results of the deeply relaxing and comforting treatments. For more information on the Contour Light System, please visit our website


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