The Truth About Fat Loss with Red Light Therapy

These days, it seems that everyone wants fast, permanent fat loss solutions – and many are willing to go to painful lengths to get them. Our culture thrives on transformations and cure-all weight loss ventures, but fad diets and “miracle” treatments have long been problematic issues. While some of these approaches may be temporarily effective, these methods are often unhealthy, painful, and even dangerous. Amidst this landscape, alternative methods like fat loss with red light therapy have emerged, promising a non-invasive and potentially safer route to achieving weight loss goals. Successful fat loss with red light therapy with measurable results

Fortunately, Contour Light Red Light Therapy has been a leader in the industry for many years. With Contour Light’s proven track record, you can finally offer your patients a body contouring solution that works without invasive procedures or damaging the body. 


Fat Loss with Red Light Therapy Is Effective on a Cellular Level

When your clients come to you for fat loss solutions, it is common for them to want to focus on problem areas that no amount of diet and exercise have been able to tone. Contour Light Red Light Therapy is perfect for targeted body contouring.

Scientists have pinpointed the clinical therapeutic wavelengths of red light (LED) in the 635nm range and near-infrared light in the 880nm range to most effectively and successfully boost both fat loss and cell revitalization. These are the wavelengths that are utilize in the Contour Light system.

During a Red Light Therapy treatment, the clinically proven red light and near infrared light wavelengths are absorbed into the mitochondria-the cell engine, which then generates energy that is sent to the rest of the cell, melting fat and releasing it into the lymphatic system to be eliminated. By applying and concentrating the Red Light Therapy on those stubborn to lose areas of the body, your clients can melt fat and tone skin resulting in notable inch loss. 


How does Red Light affect fat loss with red light therapy work

As the mitochondria generates energy, stimulated by the Red Light Therapy, an influx of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is produced and released into the system.

Additionally, as reported by the Aesthetic Bureau “exposure to red light therapy causes the adipocytes to release triglycerides, resulting in reduced volume and a measurable loss of fat.” With the boost from the ATP, the fat cells release fat and shrink in size, creating measurable results. 


Pain-Free Fat Loss with Red Light Therapy

We can see that effective and measurable fat loss consistently occurs with Red Light Therapy, as a non-invasive, targeted treatment. That seems easy enough until you look at the array of the various kinds of red light devices on the market. Some clinics have handheld devices that practitioners painstakingly move around the body to effectively cover the target areas. While this works for some small area issues like rosacea or acne, for fat loss this process could take several sessions to provide any significant results. 

Other clinics have red light laser panel systems that surround the patient, that can be potentially harmful if not meticulously administered, and though rare, can cause burns and cellular damage. To provide the results your clients want and need, in a safe, comfortable, and effective delivery method, you need only to turn to the Contour Light System


Why the Contour Light System? 

It’s simple. The Contour Light System conforms to your patient’s body with flexible pads that are designed with red light (LED) and near-infrared lights that are cool to the touch, comfortable and highly effective.

The pads cover the majority of the body, from head to toe, and are coated with our proprietary reflective technology that provides for optimal light absorption into the cells. It is easy to administer and takes only about 5 minutes to set a client up. You can set the timer for 30 minutes and then go about your business while your client receives a comfortable, calming, highly effective fat loss treatment. 


Does The Contour Light System Really Promote Fat Loss?

The truth is that Red Light Therapy is an answer for fat loss. The trick is finding the best system to help your patients reach their goals. In an independent lab Clinical Study of 118 participants, Contour Light technology consistently delivered significant fat loss among other other prized benefits. Contour Light is the only FDA Cleared technology of its kind, and you can trust and expect remarkable results. 

For more information about The Contour Light System, watch this video to hear a word about the device from its creator, Douglas Dreier.


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