How to Grow Your Practice with a Red Light Therapy Weight Loss Program

Imagine providing your patients with the opportunity to lose weight without extreme diets, strenuous exercise, or invasive surgeries. This is possible with a Red Light Therapy weight loss program. Scientists have found many benefits to this therapy, including significant and measurable fat loss. 


Contour Light Devices has shown that Red Light Therapy with the Contour Light System has positively impacted the lives of patients and their practitioners’ businesses.


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How Red Light Therapy Weight Loss Works 


Red Light Therapy is a form of LED Light Therapy that utilizes specific wavelengths of LED (635nm) and near-infrared light (880nm) to shrink fat cells. The light is absorbed into the cells and stimulates the mitochondria. This generates additional energy and Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which is then distributed through the rest of the cell, allowing the fat to melt and release into the lymphatic system. It is then flushed out of the body naturally, leaving your patients with pain-free, non-invasive fat loss.


This is best achieved with a device designed to fully cover the body like the Contour Light System. 


Build Your Red Light Therapy Weight Loss Program with Contour Light


It only takes a few simple steps to start your Red Light Therapy weight loss program.


Purchase The Contour Light System


The very first step toward a highly-effective weight loss program is to purchase your Contour Light System. It was built for maximum light exposure, comfort for your patients, and ease of use for practitioners. The device works best for fat and inch loss due to the flexible pad-based system that provides a more comfortable experience for patients. The pads utilize high-powered, German-made, surface-mount microchip LEDs. Due to the varying sizes of the pads, the Contour Light System can comfortably target multiple problem areas at once.


The Contour Light is also the only pad-based device that has FDA Clearance for body contouring and is backed by an IRB-approved clinical study – 118 patients experienced an average loss of 2.49” per single session.


red light therapy weight loss



Once you have your Contour Light, it’s time to advertise your new program. Your potential and current clientele need to know that you have this proven new technology that will comfortably and efficiently address many of their health and wellness concerns while melting away fat. You need to spread the word that you have an innovative and painless weight loss option. Contour Light provides marketing support with customer-only access to customizable flyers, brochures, emails, and letters. Additionally, we continue to publish blog posts on our website that will be accessible to you for email campaigns or Facebook posts keeping your business and Contour Light front and center in the minds of your clientele. 


Contour Light also offers an affordable full-spectrum marketing program that guarantees $60K in 6 months. Contour Light also offers an unrivaled sales training program that will teach you everything you need to draw in a robust new clientele. 


Develop a Treatment Plan


Each patient is unique and has specific weight loss goals. While each plan may be slightly different, there is a simple set-up and time frame template to help you get started. From there you can adjust the treatment times. Sessions with the Contour Light System can range from 15 minutes to 45 minutes depending on what the treatment is for.  A technician does not need to be present for the duration of the treatment, allowing your patients to relax as the red light melts away fat. 


We recommend after red light treatment that clients/patients seeking fat loss results include a 10-minute session on a vibration plate to encourage the circulation of the lymphatic system to eliminate the fat and toxins released from the cells during the red light treatment. This or a brisk 20-minute walk or a mild to moderate workout will increase the positive results for fat loss and the overall health of the patient.


The Contour Light system is so simple and safe to use that there is no extensive training, licensing, or certification required to operate it. However, Contour Light offers free access to the Contour Light University which gives a full range of information about our system and how red light therapy works so that you can easily become a certified expert on all things Contour Light. 


A new weight loss program can change the trajectory of your clinic and the lives of your patients. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to increase your client base and revenue. To expand your services with the Contour Light System, contact Contour Light Devices on our website.

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