Distinguish Your Dedicated Women’s Wellness Practice by offering FDA-Cleared Contour Light

Enrich Your Patients’ Health
Significantly Increase Your Revenue

Enhance your business and
change your patients’ lives with the
proven benefits of FDA-Cleared Contour Light,

the gold standard Red Light Therapy System for Women’s Health and Wellness Centers

Women Trust Your Integrative Treatment and Care For their Unique Health Concerns
With FDA Clearance for Indications as Diverse as Your Patients’ Needs, You Can Trust Contour Light

From pain management and accelerated healing to body contouring and skin health, Contour Light supports your goal to help women feel and look their best. We know that expanding your treatment offerings only comes after considering what resources will be required.

Women’s Health practitioners have discovered the FDA-cleared, fully vetted Contour Light red light therapy system delivers multiple benefits and significantly increased revenue simply by using existing space and staff.

30 Minute-Non-Invasive Therapy
That Helps Your Patients and Your Practice Flourish

People seeking vibrant health and wellness
are drawn to the latest technologies and treatments.

Are your patients asking,
“What else should I be doing to achieve my best health?”

Your loyal patients and clients will value exploring enhanced wellness offerings
in your practice in addition to the care they already receive from you.
And many more health-minded people actively seeking red light therapy
will be excited to meet you as new patients and clients.

How Your Patients BENEFIT

Individual dealing with Inflammation Pain in their Knee


Get rapid relief from arthritis, minor pain, muscle spasms and stiffness

Woman checking her body contouring progress from red light therapy


Experience immediate and noticeable reduction in inches to the hips, waist and thighs

Man Experiencing Joint Stiffness Relief from Contour Light Devices Red Light Therapy

Quick Relief of Joint Stiffness

Increase mobility and alleviate stiffness in knees, ankles, hips and wrists

Individual experiencing muscle relaxation while stretching from red light therapy


Provide relaxation, recovery, and relief to over-worked and strained muscles

Enjoy the benefits of Increased Blood Circulation from red light therapy devices

Increased Blood Circulation

Restore healthy cell function throughout the body by increasing blood circulation

Experience Skin Healing with red light therapy


Increase production of collagen and elastin in the skin to diminish lines, wrinkles, and scars, while enhancing advanced healing at the cellular level

How Your Practice BENEFITS

New Client

Contour Light red light therapy is one of the most sought after treatments in the health and wellness arena. Welcome consistent new business as many health-minded people seek this remarkably effective red light treatment

Create ‘Wellness-Added’ Revenue

Loyal long-time patients and clients trust and value your recommendations to help further their health goals. Contour Light red light therapy is non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical, and proven to be highly effective. Your patients will love what it does for them and you will love the revenue it provides your practice.

No Additional Staff Required

The Contour Light 30-minute therapy sessions can be administered by any member of your staff after a brief and easy training

Utilize Existing Space

Monetize beds and unused treatment areas with the simple, portable, turnkey set-up of the Contour Light System

No Additional License or Certification Necessary

You and your staff can administer Contour Light treatments without additional licensing or certifications.

See How Women’s Health Practitioners and Their Patients Benefit From Contour Light

See How Women’s Health Practitioners and Their Patients Benefit From Contour Light


We paid off our Contour Light System in 6 months with me working only two days a week while serving only our current patients. There’s a need for this.

Dr. Michelle Wesely, DC CFMP (Provider)
Wesely Family Chiropractic | Glen Ellyn, IL

I have a woman patient; she’s been in my practice for probably 15 years or so. I do mostly hormone balancing with her. And her sticking point for the last 15 years is that she couldn’t lose weight. But she decided to do the Contour Light and bought a 12 pack of sessions. She wanted to break the 150 lbs. mark that she hadn’t been able to break in the last 20-25 years. She is in her 50s now. After 12 sessions she lost 19.5 lbs. and she got to 151 lbs. and down 12 1/2 inches. Now she is thinking about purchasing another 12 pack of sessions for maintenance!

Dr. Michelle Wesely, DC CFMP (Provider)
Wesely Family Chiropractic | Glen Ellyn, IL

Need Multiple Devices
or Setting Up Multiple Practices?

Practitioners are reinventing their business and franchising centered around Contour Light red light therapy.

Talk with Joe Martin about discounted volume sales. | (949) 234-6297

Welcome Patients in,
and Start Treatment
in Less Than 5 Minutes

Practitioners love Contour Light because the only staff requirement is starting and ending the treatment session. Patients can relax unattended during sessions that can be offered either as a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with other services you already offer.

Administering red light therapy for skin rejuvenation with a special contoured mask.

Ensure Patient Comfortability

Instruct patient to wear 2-piece swimsuit or speedo attire for the best close-to-skin light absorption. Invite them to lay on a treatment table in a private and quiet room.

Apply the Contour Light to the patient

For maximum results, wrap the flexible red light pads around the target areas of the patient’s body, and place the mask over the face and chest area. Goggles recommended.

Set Timer, Push Start, and Go

Set treatment time (25-30 minutes) then attend to other patients or business while your patient relaxes and luxuriates in the benefits of their red light treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Contour Light pad delivery system allows the direct application of therapeutic red and near infrared lights onto the skin and into the body. We recommend patients wear a two-piece bathing suit, speedo or boxers attire for best results. The patient lies on a treatment table, and the pads are typically placed on the back, legs, abdomen, and arms.

The face mask is placed arching over the face and chest area. Goggles can be worn to protect their eyes.

When the light stimulates the cell mitochondria, and they begin to generate energy in the cells, the patient will feel a warming effect.

The pads themselves do not emit heat; the warmth is primarily generated by the body.

Many patients describe it as comforting and calming. A session can last up to 30-minutes, giving the patient time to relax and even nap.

Yes. The light emitted by the Contour Light device is cool, and it does not generate excessive heat, so it will not burn or damage the tissue. However, the light is very bright, and patients should shield their eyes with goggles if using the face mask. Short glances at the light will not harm the eyes, but staring at the light should be avoided.

Yes. The Contour Light System is FDA-cleared for use as a non-invasive dermatological aesthetic treatment for body contouring (reduction of circumference of the hips, waist and thighs).

The Contour Light is also FDA-cleared for the relief of minor muscle and joint pain, arthritis, and muscle spasms, relieving stiffness, promoting the relaxation of muscle tissue, and increasing local blood circulation.

Beware of other red light therapies that are not cleared by the FDA. Practitioners using Contour Light can have confidence that it has been fully vetted in an independent lab clinical study and the FDA has cleared this product for the indications listed.

The Contour Light Device can be administered by anyone on your team after watching a less than 5 minute how-to video or following the written instructions.

Other than your State issued business license in the health related arena, there is no specific license, credential, certification or formal training required to own and operate the Contour Light.

Many practitioners love that they do not need extra staff or extra space to administer treatments to patients.

Contour Light offers a 3 year manufacturers warranty with options for one year extensions after the 3 year period. Under warranty we will cover the cost for shipping and repair or replacement of any component that is not working properly, excluding obvious abuse and damage.

Yes. We have helped practitioners across a wide wellness spectrum with purchases for either multiple units at one facility or single units at multiple locations and in franchises. To discuss multi-unit purchases, contact Joe Martin at or (949) 234-6297

Yes. The Contour Light team has dedicated marketing programs available, and many highly successful practices utilize Contour Light marketing services to educate people and quickly drive new business.

Though the results from Contour Light will vary from person to person based on nutrition, activity, healthy lifestyle, and frequency of treatment, the reported outcomes have been remarkable. These include noticeable inches lost, pain reduced or gone, skin smoother, markedly more energy and better mood just to name a few.

The generally recommended treatment protocol includes: 10, 12 or 16 sessions (administered every 2-3 days over a period of 3 -6 weeks) with periodic tune-ups following.

Women’s Health and the Benefits
of Contour Light Systems