Elevating Your Practice with Contour Light Therapy

Bringing a new service to your practice can seem like an overwhelming endeavor. Not only are you adding new equipment, but if you have to worry about marketing and training for you and your staff on top of running your practice, it can be a lot to handle. The key is to partner with a Red Light Therapy company that has the tools to support you as your practice grows. When you bring Contour Light Therapy to your practice you get an excellent Red Light Therapy device with the perks of partnering with Contour Light Devices. 


Across the nation, Contour Light practitioner partners have seen incredible results for their patients and many benefits for their practices. Check out this video from Creator Douglas Dreier to learn how Contour Light Therapy can elevate your practice: 

Practitioner Perks with Contour Light Devices

When you partner with Contour Light, you get more than a machine. Contour Light is proud to promise perks like lightning-fast ROI, no need for extensive training, and exclusive Red Light Therapy technology. 


You won’t find a faster ROI anywhere in the Red Light Therapy industry. Several clinics have been able to pay off their machines in a matter of weeks and even purchase a second one with the revenue generated by the first. It is one of the most highly sought-after treatments in the health and wellness arena. 


Because the Red Light Therapy industry is still growing, the Contour Light System was designed as a “platform technology.” As new uses for Red Light Therapy are discovered, new Contour Light accessories are being developed to accommodate those treatments and will be able to attach to the existing base unit. This will allow you to offer more services with your Contour Light system without having to purchase another new machine. 

No Extensive Training or Certification Required 

The vision for the Contour Light System was a safe, simple, easy-to-use device that was accessible to every clinic, wellness spa, and practice. Thanks to the straightforward design, the machine can be set up and your staff trained in minutes. 


The machine consists of four large pads, two small pads, and a face mask that’s optimally sized to provide complete coverage in a single treatment session. Application is easy and comfortable for your patients and a technician does not need to be present for the duration.

Exclusive Technology

The Contour Light System is sought after by so many practitioners due to its ease of use and the results that their patients see. This system was designed for maximum light absorption. The flexible pads are equipped with high-powered German LEDs and coated in a proprietary reflective coating. 


The reflective coating works somewhat like a trap for the Contour Light Therapy. It captures light that would otherwise bounce off the skin and contains it to allow as much light to absorb into the skin as possible. This leads to quicker and more significant results. 


These results have led to new and returning clients, increased revenue, and practitioners who have nothing but praise for the Contour Light System.

Contour Light Therapy Practitioner Testimonials

Contour Light has become a trusted name in the health and wellness market because of its top-of-the-line device, excellent customer service, and exclusive practitioner perks. Discover what three Contour Light practitioner partners have to say about their experiences with Contour Light Therapy.contour light therapy


Dr. Mary Mees, LAC, DAOM from Central Coast Light Therapy out of Avila, CA speaks to the effects that the Contour Light System has had o her patients. 


Without making any claims of cures, I can honestly say that patients who came in for Contour Light treatments with rheumatoid arthritis pain have experienced pain reduction on a regular basis.  Those who came in with painful shoulders or knees from injuries left with significant pain reduction which continued to improve with repeated treatments. Patients with anxiety and depression have reported an improved sense of well-being and energy.  These are only a few of the many benefits that I have noticed through my patients (and in my own self). Contour Light provides another level of care for this acupuncture practice, a complementary component for the total holistic healing of every patient.


Out of Naples, FL, Dr. Scott Walters from Amazing Wellness and Chiropractic shared about the revenue they generated from offering Contour Light Therapy.


I can honestly say we would not have made it through COVID without being able to sell Contour Light Services. Our patients come in looking for a solution and leave with a smile on their face because they have found something that truly works.


Sherene Kershner from Evolve 180 Weight Loss in Bellevue, WA has seen the benefits of body contouring with Contour Light and is seeking to make it a standard in their weight loss program. 


Thanks again, so much, for creating this equipment, performing the trials, getting FDA clearance, and offering such a boost to people on weight loss journeys. The Contour Light System has been tremendously helpful to all of our clients who use it. So much so, in fact, that we are contemplating adjusting pricing and adding it as a standard inclusion for all our local weight loss clients because it makes such a difference.


Learn more about partnering with Contour Light Devices

Your Exclusive Marketing Opportunity. 

One of the most exciting benefits of choosing the Contour Light System is that once you have purchased your device, you have an exclusive opportunity to boost your business. Contour Light has partnered with a nationwide digital marketing agency to offer a Done-For-You Marketing Program. This program is only available to Contour Light Devices practitioner partners and you won’t want to miss out on all that the program provides. 


Here are the perks that you will receive with this program:  

  • Personalized Discovery and Strategy Meeting
  • Complete Review of Existing Website & Social Media
  • A Customized Landing Page
  • Weekly Social Media Posts
  • Google and Facebook Ads
  • Email Drip Campaign
  • Touch Base Calls
  • Monthly Reports Meeting

With this program, you get all the benefits of high-quality digital marketing without having to lift a finger. For more information about the Done-For-You Marketing Program contact Joseph Martin at jmartin@contourlight.com or by phone at (949) 234-6297.

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