Why Red Light Therapy Wraps are Ideal for Treating Pain

A female orthopedist or physical therapist assisting an arm stretch with an older male patient, a good candidate for red light therapy wraps for joint pain.Practitioners who want to offer red light therapy have several factors to consider. The cost and effectiveness of the red light device that you choose will ultimately impact the marketability of your new service. The truth is that, for patients with pain and inflammation symptoms, a device featuring red light therapy wraps works best compared to other models. Contour Light is the original red light therapy wrap system. First and foremost, you should know that Contour Light is the only wrap based system that is FDA-cleared for several indications, including: pain relief, increased blood circulation and body contouring.


Red Light Technology as a Proven Anti-Inflammatory


Red light therapy is backed by thousands of clinical studies over the past 20 years. It’s not only popular – red and near-infrared light therapy are proven to promote blood circulation, boosting the body’s natural response to inflammation


Working on a cellular level, the Contour Light with red light (635nm) and near-infrared light (880nm) frequencies stimulate the mitochondria to boost natural healing processes, and it’s more than skin-deep. Patients with chronic joint pain can utilize regular red light treatments as a boost to physical therapy, bodywork, or exercise to relax and calm inflamed areas and promote healing. 


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Red light therapy, when properly targeted, can help improve health and quality of life for those with chronic pain, acute injuries, and even those recovering from surgical procedures. And no red light system targets pain quite like the Contour Light System.


Red Light Therapy Wraps: Treating Pain from All Angles


Few red light therapy devices on the market are sufficient for the targeted treatment of pain. This is especially true with at-home devices, which are typically meant to target small areas of the body and may even lack the proper red light frequencies.


Think of a red light lamp shining brightly and covering a wide area. A patient lying under the lamp will only be able to treat one side of the body at a time, and the majority of that light is not actually making contact with the patient as it dissipates with distance. Most of the red light from the lamp is escaping into the room, and the light that does make contact is actually reflecting and bouncing away from the patient’s skin.


The not-so-secret advantage of the Contour Light System is that it utilizes red light therapy wraps lined with hundreds of powerful LEDs and proprietary reflective coating on the inside. The pads are designed to bounce the reflected red light directly back onto the skin for absolute maximum exposure. 


For 20-30 minutes, patients are comfortably wrapped in 360 degrees of powerful red light, with pads that hug the curves of the waist, hips, arms, legs, and even the feet. The wraps are adjustable and flexible enough to contour any area of the body on patients of all shapes and sizes.


“We have some clients with diabetic neuropathy in their feet, one gentleman in particular who was unable to walk. We’ve been able to wrap his feet with the flexible pads, and he is able to walk again without pain, and able to feel. The nerves get regenerated with red light therapy.”

– Allison Beardsley, Owner, Red Lite Method Franchise in Bentonville, AK


Contour Light: The Authoritative Choice for Red Light Therapy


Practitioners know that professional results require professional-grade equipment. By delivering red and near-infrared light frequencies as close to the skin as possible, Contour Light devices provide an incredibly targeted experience. This versatile, nearly full-body system can meet the needs of many patients. 


We are proud to have the only pad-based red light therapy device that is FDA-cleared for circumferential reduction (inch loss), temporary relief of pain, and increased blood circulation.


When it comes to the therapeutic experience and results, the multitude of Contour Light testimonials from our partnered practitioners and their patients speak for themselves.


The Contour Light System can make a difference for patients with pain. We consult every day with providers who are looking to uplevel their practice with red light therapy. Contact us directly for information on how to purchase and market your Contour Light System.


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