Red light therapy is quickly becoming one of the most sought after treatments for a variety of issues including: fat reduction and body contouring, pain management and inflammation reduction, skin rejuvenation and accelerated healing, brain and mental health issues, and vision issues such as macular degeneration. It has a profound beneficial effect on the human body and as such is gaining rapid recognition in the health and wellness arenas. 

The Contour Light red light system is FDA Cleared for fat loss, pain relief and increased blood circulation.  It is non-invasive, non-surgical, painless, requires no recovery time, is quite soothing, and has no known side effects. As a pioneer in the red light therapy industry, Contour Light has been consistently on the forefront of new product innovation and treatment applications.

Fat Loss and Body Contouring with Red Light therapy. How does it work? 

The beneficial effects of red light therapy have been proven in multiple clinical studies and trials that show that therapeutic exposure to mid-600nm light causes the mitochondria of the adipose cells to be stimulated which initiates a chain reaction within the cell. The mitochondria send a signal to the cell membrane to open transients/temporary pores that allow the contents of the cell to be released into the interstitial region of the body located below the dermis and above the fascia. The result is a deflation of the fat cell, much like a deflated balloon or the transformation of a grape into a raisin. Thus reducing both fat and the circumference of treated areas.

The released contents of the fat cells are triglycerides (glycerol, free fatty acids, and water) which are then transported from the interstitial space through the lymphatic system.  The lymphatic system involves lymph nodes that help move the lymph fluid to the bloodstream which is cleaned by the liver and kidneys.  Some fatty acids are used by the body as fuel or simply eliminated through normal bodily functions.  As an added bonus, this purging of fat cell contents also removes stored toxins and free radicals from the body, assisting the immune system to operate at its most efficient.

Lymph System is Key

Stimulation of the lymphatic system is a key factor for improved health and results. The lymph system is primarily powered by muscle contractions, pushing the lymph fluid through the lymph nodes to the blood stream. To support this much-needed process, in addition to the 635nm LED red light, the Contour Light emits 880nm near-infrared light which stimulates blood flow helping the lymphatic elimination and reducing inflammation and pain in the treated areas.

Consistent Notable Results

The first noticeable result will be a loss of inches from the areas treated, such as the waist, hips and thighs.  A study published in 2012 in Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, confirmed this conclusively.  In the study nearly 700 participants were given six (6) red light therapy treatments over a two-week period and then measured one week after the last session.  The mean circumferential reduction reported was over 3.3 inches.  Additionally, it was concluded that the reductions were not simple relocations of fat to other parts of the subject’s body, rather a complete process from mitochondria stimulation to the elimination of the fat and excess fluids from the body.  A similar study in 2013 included 86 subjects who were tested after eight treatment sessions over a two-week period.  The average inch loss from the three measurement areas was 3.0 inches.

Contour Light: Advanced Red Light Therapy System

While the results of these red light clinical studies are impressive, it should be noted that these evaluations were completed using technology that is now 8+ years old.  Like all technology and medicine, substantive improvements are being made every year.  Contour Light is on the leading edge of red light therapy with the most advanced and adaptable full body pad delivery system and the only system with the reflective coating to ensure the highest possible light energy is being administered to the treatment areas.  And Contour Light will continue to be the industry’s most innovative, forthright and thoroughly vetted provider of red light therapy products. We wouldn’t have it any other way!  


Contour Light is the most advanced red light and near infrared therapy system available for the professional and clinical settings.

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