Contour Light-Red Light Therapy Immune System Benefits

Contour Light-Red Light Therapy Immune System BenefitsOn the morning of July 15, 2020, CBS News reported that the vaccine developed by Moderna, Inc., and tested on 45 individual test subjects in March has proven to increase the body’s ability to combat the COVID-19 virus. Anthony Fauci, the US Government’s leading expert on infectious disease stated, “No matter how you slice it, this good news!” 


According to the report cited by CBS News, those brave volunteers developed the neutralizing antibodies in their systems after the vaccination comparable to the levels found in people who survived a COVID-19 episode.  Those antibodies are the infection blocking molecules that are key to beating back this pandemic. 


It is not a stretch to make a correlation between a healthy, optimally efficient immune system and reducing one’s risk for contracting or suffering greatly this current or any other virus.  As is the case with too many disasters, potential or active, we, as a society often wait until we are forced by the cold hand of reality before taking appropriate action.  We tend to be ‘reactive’ rather than preventative.  Old sayings become old sayings because they are true and have been proven out over time.  This one comes to mind… “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Ben Franklin offered that sage advice in the late 1700s.


Thank you to the diligent people who have toiled in obscurity to find a solution to the crisis that has, like the virus itself, spread into every fabric of our lives since late 2019.  Moderna, Inc. was one of the first, and bravo to them.  Others will follow, and they are to be equally praised.  


But, what if there was a means to utilize the ‘ounce of prevention’ before the ‘pound of cure’ was necessary?  Studies dating back 25 years on red light therapy in the mid 600nm wavelength have shown to improve the overall function of the immune response by energizing the body at the cell level, setting into motion a cascade of cell to cell messaging that supports an anti-inflammatory response, and stimulating and clearing the lymphatic system allowing it to combat more severe infections.  


The systems of our bodies work in concert to promote effective long-lasting health.  Red light therapy improves circulation, stimulates fat cells to release and eliminate their contents including toxins and free radicals, reduces inflammation, and rejuvenates elastin and collagen in the skin.  The combination of these benefits should not be understated. 


Red light therapy may just be the ounce of prevention our bodies need to thrive in these uncertain times.

Contour Light, designed for professional office use only, has been an innovator in the red light therapy industry since its founding.  No other system combines the benefits of 635nm AND 880nm light with the reflective coating maximizing the actual light therapy that is so critical to our well-being.  Using a flexible and comfortable red light pad delivery system, administering treatment is as quick and simple as laying out placemats on the dinner table.  The “set it and go” 30-minute treatment allows you and your staff to attend to other patients and daily business. 


The Contour Light system is housed on a smooth and sturdy maneuverable rolling stand that allows it to be moved from one exam room to another and easily stowed in a small space when not in use…but that won’t be often.  


In a recent conversation with one of our Contour Light practitioners, he expressed the frustration of enduring a substantial decline in his ‘traditional’ practice services due to the pandemic, but his Contour Light revenue was continuing to generate considerable and welcome profit.


So, to practitioners of health, wellness, and healing, it is an opportune time to think seriously about including Contour Light-red light therapy, a proven and remarkable modality, to your practice or business. For your patients and clients, it energizes the body at the cell level, makes exercise easier to start and sustain, feels like sunshine and has many of the same benefits, calms the chaos in one’s head and just plain helps the body, mind, and heart feel better.  And for you, the practitioners, it adds a valuable, proven treatment method to your menu of services along with a generous stream of income.


Contour Light is FDA Cleared for fat loss, pain relief and increased blood circulation.


Contour Light is the most advanced red light and near infrared therapy system available for the professional and clinical settings.

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