Contour Light Red Light Therapy: Remarkable Results with Peace of Mind

Adjusting to changes along the way in our lives is a sign of resiliency and adaptability. During the unprecedented challenging Covid-19 times, many have felt hemmed in and somewhat hopeless at recovering their businesses, practices, and the familiarity of their lives. This is a time that has called for innovation and creative measures. There are many things we can do to find our rhythm and path again. 

In the health and wellness and health-supporting arenas, practitioners have had to pull back to assess what can be done to make it safer for their customers and patients when they are in office for treatments. 


Contour Light, the premier red light therapy system, has your back. 

Red light therapy has so many remarkable benefits.

To name a few: 

-It dissolves fat 

-Stimulates the lymphatic system to cleanse and expel toxins and unhealthy fats

-Rebalances the immune system for a healthy response to viruses and illnesses 

-Rejuvenates skin and accelerates healing

-Reduces depression and anxiety


Now, Contour Light offers an Extra Protection Package- safety measures that give practitioners and clients peace of mind.

About the Contour Light System:

The Contour Light system, includes 6 flexible and comfortable treatment pads- 4 large pads and 2 small pads that are designed to conform to the body, in close contact with the skin for the most powerful and effective therapeutic red light treatment. It also includes a face mask that arches over the face and chest, aimed at boosting collagen and elastin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and accelerating healing of acne, rosacea, scarring, burns, discoloration and other skin disorders. 

Extra Protection Package:

For each of these components, Contour Light now offers an added level of personal protection for the client. The Extra Protection Package includes simple to apply, single use, FDA Approved disposable plastic covers, that ensure each client has a fully hygienic treatment experience; as well as an easy to clean, Plexiglas shield, specially designed to fit the Contour Light face mask. These added layers of protection allow practitioners and clients to benefit from the proven effects of red light and near infrared light therapy with comfort and peace of mind. 

Whether you already own a Contour Light System or are considering purchasing a unit, and would like to add the Extra Protection Package to your system, please contact the sales department. Our aim is to help you to provide the best treatment experience for your patients and clients.

Contact us today! 

Contour Light is the most advanced red light and near infrared therapy system available for the professional and clinical settings.

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