Red Light Therapy Reduces Wrinkles: Is It Effective?

a beautiful and youthful looking woman who may have done red light therapy to reduce wrinklesIt’s no secret; practitioners are adding red light therapy to support and enhance their existing menu of services. One approach that has received a lot of attention is using red light therapy to treat aging skin. The top aestheticians, med spa owners, and other skin care experts are now using red light therapy to reduce wrinkles and treat other skin-related issues.


Photobiomodulation for Reducing Wrinkles


Photobiomodulation is another word for light therapy. This treatment modality positively affects the body by working on the skin at the cellular level, increasing blood circulation while stimulating the body’s production of collagen and elastin. The fiber-like structure of collagen, which is the most abundant protein in the body,  is used to create connective tissue. Elastin, present in the connective tissue, is highly elastic and allows the skin to resume its shape after stretching or contracting. In red light therapy treatments, these proteins go to work rebuilding the skin, leading to smoother fine lines and fewer wrinkles.


Red light therapy is not a “magic cure” for wrinkles per se, but the results are nothing short of remarkable.  Red light therapy stimulates the body to produce more proteins, leading to highly effective and noticeable anti-aging results over time, and even after one treatment. 


In clinical trials, the red and near-infrared light skin treatment has been shown to significantly increase the production of these key proteins, with visibly rejuvenating and smoothing results.


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Improving Cellular Function


Red light therapy also has the benefit of improving cellular function in the body. It stimulates the mitochondria, the power source in the cells, to energize and detoxify the body, including the skin.  The mitochondria absorb the red light and near-infrared light wavelengths which then enliven natural functions that often slow down as we age – such as skin repair and new cell growth.


“The Contour Light system is amazing. Within the first two treatments, I noticed that my skin was becoming more firm and smooth. The light helped me lose inches and also tightened my skin, making me look much younger!”

– Catherine G. (Patient)


Calming Inflammation


Another reason red light therapy reduces wrinkles and has consistently shown positive results is that it reduces inflammation. Inflammation can be the cause of a number of physical issues, including loss of elasticity and wrinkling of the skin. 


Collagen and elastin build and support the connective tissue of the skin, and reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. However, factors like inflammation have been shown to speed up the loss of these proteins. Red light therapy reduces inflammation and rebalances the immune system which aids in rejuvenation of the skin.


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Provide An Exciting New Treatment For Your Patients!


The Contour Light System can greatly benefit patients with dermatological conditions and skin aging concerns – but not all red light therapy systems are the same. 


Contour Light is the only pad-based red light therapy device that has FDA Clearance for circumferential reduction (inch loss), temporary relief of pain, and increased blood circulation. The Contour Light system comes outfitted with a bridge-like face mask designed to cover and treat the face, neck, and décolleté/chest area, giving your aesthetics practice an opportunity to enhance your current services. The Contour Light System is an easy-to-use, lucrative wellness service that can greatly improve your business’s bottom line.


Whether you plan to use red light therapy for skin rejuvenation, pain management,  body contouring, or accelerated healing, Contour Light does it all. For more information about The Contour Light System, contact us directly. You can also watch this video going over the benefits of red light therapy to hear about the device from its creator.


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