A new customer recently asked us to walk her through a description of the Contour Light treatment for both the patient and the practitioner. It was a great question, and we wanted to share it with you, too.


For the practitioner:

The Contour Light uses a combination of LED red light and near infrared light in a flexible pad system. It’s easy to set up and use, and it can be configured in a variety of ways to serve the particular needs of a patient. 

Most practitioners set their patients up with the Contour Light system on a massage table or the like for a comfortable and relaxing treatment. The patient is to wear a bikini, speedo, or underwear to allow as much light directly onto their skin as possible.



1. Plug all pads and face mask into the ports, and push “ON” on the screen above each port.


2. The Contour Light has 4 large pads, 2 smaller pads and a face mask that covers the face and chest. If a patient is seeking treatment for the majority of the body for fat reduction, for instance, you will typically:

a. Place 2 large pads (lights side up) horizontally on the massage table and have the patient lie on their back positioning themselves so the pads cover their mid and lower back to the low hip and buttocks area.
b. Place the remaining 2 large pads horizontally to cover their abdomen and hips in the front.
c. Wrap 1 small pad comfortably around each of their upper arms, velcro to keep in place.
d. Position the face mask to cover both their face and décolleté/chest area and adjust to about 1.5”-2” from the face.


3. Set the timer by using the arrows to select the number of minutes for the treatment. For Fat reductions set it for 30 minutes.


4. Press Start and go. It’s that easy, and you have 30 minutes to attend to another patient or other business.


5. When the treatment is finished, remove the pads from the front of the patient’s body and stow on the cart to allow patient to exit the massage table to go to dressing area.


6. Using disinfectant wipes or spray, thoroughly wipe down each pad and the face mask cover in prep for the next patient.  (We also offer single-use plastic sleeves for the pads that make for a completely healthful and comfortable experience.



For the Patient:

The patient enjoys 30 minutes of comfort and calm as the red light stimulates the mitochondria in their cells to energize and mobilize, liquefying fat and releasing toxins and fat into the lymphatic system where it is eliminated through natural processes. For the very best fat reduction results, the patient is encouraged to take a short brisk walk to help enhance movement of the lymphatic system. 

Contour Light-red light therapy has a number of other benefits and can be customized accordingly for each patient.

For pain relief, muscle relaxation, and increased blood circulation, the pads can be applied directly to the site of the pain and inflammation and set for a 20-30 minute treatment session. 

For Body Contouring, the pads can be applied directly to the pockets of fat and set for 30 minutes, twice or three times a week, with at least a day in between each treatment.

Recommended Treatment Protocol:

A 10-12 session package is the most common treatment approach. For best results, it is recommended that patients have 2-3 sessions a week over 3-4 weeks. 


Contour Light is the most advanced red light and near infrared therapy system available for the professional and clinical settings.

For more information please visit the website at: www.contourlightdevices.com.
Feel free to contact us directly at:
(949) 899-7932 or jmartin@contourlight.com.

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