Contour Light-Red Light Therapy: Remarkable and Proven

The Perfect Innovative Solution for Your Patients and Your Business Today

The COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses in all industries to adapt to a new operating environment.  Businesses across the country redirected their efforts and expanded into new areas that are complementary to their core competencies. It was a means to survive and thrive.  

For personal care, and health and wellness businesses like chiropractors, wellness clinics, massage therapists, and weight loss centers, Contour Light continues to offer a new and highly effective treatment modality to bring in new clients and expand the service offerings to existing customers. 

The well-documented benefits of red-light therapy consistently show proven outcomes from this non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical, and affordable treatment option. Additionally, clinical studies continue to show LED light in the mid 600nm and near infra-red range of the high 800nm spectrum are effective for treating anxiety, depression, and seasonal affective disorder.

Contour Light is FDA Cleared for body contouring, pain relief, and increased blood circulation. This flexible pad delivery system, with the proprietary reflective coating on all the treatment surfaces, offers the highest level of light therapy available.

The simplicity of the Contour Light system ensures your office personnel can provide treatments while continuing to manage their other daily requirements of the business. E

There are no require extensive training, special certifications, or expensive licensing to become a provider. In fact, in five minutes your office staff can be proficient in treatment protocols. The initial set up for treatment takes only minutes. And when completed, the pads need only be wiped down with antiseptic cleaner to be readied for the next patient.

To maximize the Contour Light’s flexibility, a sturdy and intuitively designed rolling cart is included with the 6-port system. The five casters make the whole system move fluidly from one room to another over any surface. The controller is positioned to easily program treatment times, while the pads can be easily secured on the cart’s handles. When this professionally designed system is not in use, it can be easily stored in a space no larger than a water cooler. The Contour Light is so convenient that some providers are even making ‘house calls’ with their systems.

The last element of the Contour Light that makes it a keystone in the health and wellness industry now is the business revenue it offers. Whether you finance it or buy it outright, you will quickly see your investment pay for itself. Just two 10-session treatment packages sold in one month can provide a return on investment (ROI) of 120% if paying monthly finance payments. Three 10-session treatment packages sold equals a 240% ROI. Several Contour Light providers have paid off their systems in one month…and everything after that has been PURE PROFIT.

Contour Light offers solutions to health issues your clients have struggled with for years, if not decades. Eliminating body fat, and reducing pain and inflammation are a few of the most commonly noted improvements people have identified for better well-being.  In these unique times in which we are living, a profitable, economical, safe and proven method to expand your business is here for health and wellness professionals now. Check out Contour Light today!


Contour Light is the most advanced red light and near infrared therapy system available for the professional and clinical settings.

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