The use of red light therapy has been studied for decades and universally proven to provide healing benefits for the human body.  Just like sunlight, it stimulates cellular reactions to heal, nourish, reinvigorate, and balance the systems and structures of the body needed to live healthy and vital lives.  Generally, poor dietary habits, lack of appropriate exercise, excessive stress, aversion to the outdoors, and too many environmental elements to mention have left many people unable to fight off simple infections, generate energy to move, or able to support their own natural cleansing circulatory, respiratory, and lymphatic systems to optimal levels.


Contour Light: The Most Advanced Red Light System on the Market

The Contour Light system is FDA Cleared for fat and circumference reduction and provides noticeably effectlive, non-invasive body contouring. 

Contour Light is also FDA Cleared for pain management and increased circulation, and has been attributed to helping patients with carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, arthritis,  peripheral neuropathy and numerous other pain related issues. 

Red light and near infrared light has been the best kept secret therapy that has amassed proven remarkable results in thousands of clinical studies. The application of this technology has been reported to improve skin health and appearance by promoting the production of elastin and collagen to tighten loose skin on the face, neck, and upper arms. Some clinicians have conveyed reports of patients with depression and anxiety  finding relief from chronic symptoms after receiving treatments.  Lastly, it only stands to reason that free radicals and various toxins get stored in fat cells and rob us of our energy and vitality.  By ‘flushing’ these foreign substances from our body we can see that a healthier and vibrant life will naturally follow.


A Win for Your Clients and for You

Imagine being able to confidently tell your clients that a simple, natural, effective, and affordable treatment protocol is available to help bring their health back to a point where it can be managed and maintained, while offering them renewed energy, vitality and wellness. And it is pain free, drug free, has no known side effects, and requires no down time.

If that treatment protocol also provided a much-needed revenue boost to your business and allowed you to minimize the negative effects of an economic downturn, you would have a win/win proposition for your customers and your business.  The Contour Light offers you just that opportunity.



Return on Investment (ROI) is the benchmark measurement for any successful venture.  Is the new expense paying for itself, and what is the payback timeline?  Those are the questions that require clear answers.

The ROI potential from the Contour Light is noteworthy and straightforward. Typically, treatment providers will package ten (10) treatment sessions for a price between $800 and $1,200 ($80 to $120 per session) making it an affordable plan for most market areas. Whether you finance the system or buy it outright, you can start generating profit with the first treatment package you sell. If a clinic sells even just one (1) treatment package per month for $1,000, the system will be paid off in 2½ years. If four (4) treatment packages are sold per month, the system investment will be paid for in just over 6 months. Several practitioners have sold enough session packages up front to cover the full cost of their Contour Light system in one month. And every package sold after that is PURE PROFIT.  

A few other factors to consider are worth noting here.  Contour Light does not impose a set pricing structure for the packages you sell. Your knowledge of your local marketplace will be the most accurate measure to set pricing. You set your own pricing.

The client/patient market is out there, the product has proven over and again to provide measurable benefits, providers continue to find new applications, the business model is sound, and the time is right. 

Even during difficult economic periods when consumer disposable income is tight, treatment prices can be modified to meet the needs of your market while continuing to add to your business’s bottom line.  Adding Contour Light to your service offerings will assist your clients and patients to achieve their health and wellness goals and add a profitable revenue stream to your business for years to come.  Now that’s win/win.

As a gift to our people, we provide a customer-private online Marketing Kit that includes downloadable and editable flyers, postcards, email drip campaigns, letters and invitation all designed to inspire and compel your clientele to come in for Contour Light treatments. Let’s get you started today.


Contour Light is the most advanced red light and near infrared therapy system available for the professional and clinical settings. 

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