Exposing a scar on a leg to Red Light Therapy to help reduce the scar’s visibilityThe value of scar removal is experiencing a remarkable transformation in the health and wellness industry, underscored by a striking analysis from Future Market Insights. This analysis projects the global scar treatment market, which stood at US$13 Billion in 2021, to skyrocket to over US$52 billion by 2032. Such a forecast highlights the industry’s robust financial potential, but also points to a rapidly growing demand for advanced, non-invasive scar management solutions worldwide. 

For practitioners, this trend represents a significant opportunity to expand their revenue stream and meet this surge in patient needs with innovative treatment offerings like Red Light Therapy for surgical scars powered by FDA-cleared Contour Light devices. 


Can Surgery Scars Be Removed?

The quest to diminish the visibility of surgical scars often leads individuals to explore their options, with complete removal being the ultimate goal. The complete removal of scars may not be realistic, but significant improvement is within reach. However, achieving this can be complex. A treatment plan can consist of several options that can contribute to reduced visibility of scars over time.

Red Light Therapy, with its deep-penetrating wavelengths, is one emerging therapy that can significantly reduce the appearance of scars by promoting collagen production and enhancing the skin’s natural repair process. This process reduces the visibility of scars and improves skin texture and elasticity. Contour Light’s FDA-cleared devices ensure that you’re receiving a treatment backed by rigorous research and proven results.


Why Red Light Therapy?


Red Light Therapy, a treatment gaining momentum for its remarkable healing properties, stands out for its ability to enhance the body’s natural recovery process, in addition to its scar-minimizing capabilities. Its gentle, non-invasive approach encourages the skin to rejuvenate from within, leading to less noticeable scars and skin that feels healthier. This makes Red Light Therapy an integral part of the recovery journey, offering aesthetic improvements and contributing to the body’s overall healing.


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How Soon After Surgery Can You Use Red Light Therapy?

Determining the optimal timing for beginning Red Light Therapy after surgery is crucial for maximizing its benefits. It’s generally recommended to wait until the initial healing phase has passed, ensuring the skin is prepared to absorb and respond to the light treatment effectively. This period allows open wounds to close and the body to enter a state more conducive to the additional healing benefits of red light therapy.

Consultation with a healthcare professional is essential to personalize the timing of treatment, taking into account individual healing rates and the nature of the surgery. This personalized approach ensures that Red Light Therapy is introduced when it can provide the most benefit, aiding in not only the aesthetic improvement of scars but also the overall recovery process, making it a tailored solution for each individual’s journey toward healing.


Offering Red Light Therapy at Your Clinic

Offering Red Light Therapy aligns perfectly with the growing demand for non-invasive, safe, and effective treatment options. By integrating this cutting-edge solution, you offer your patients a superior path to recovery and unlock a new significant revenue stream. 


“We paid off our Contour Light System in 6 months with me working only two days a week while serving only our current patients… There’s a need for this.”

– Dr. Michelle Wesely, DC CFMP, Wesely Chiropractics, Glen Ellyn, IL


The unique appeal of Red Light Therapy, backed by the trusted efficacy of Contour Light devices, can attract a broader clientele looking for state-of-the-art healing modalities that offer health benefits and aesthetic improvement of surgical scars.


Red Light Therapy, particularly with Contour Light’s FDA-cleared devices, offers healthcare providers an opportunity to redefine recovery paradigms, delivering unmatched value to patients while simultaneously driving your practice’s revenue and reputation toward new heights. Embrace the future of healing with Red Light Therapy and witness the transformation it brings to your practice.


For more information about the Contour Light System, contact us directly. You can also watch this video on the benefits of red light therapy to hear about the device from its creator.


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