Clinical Studies Show that Low Level Light Therapy Melts Fat and Reduces Inflammation

Over the past year and a half, most of us have been following the required measures to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. And it seems to have worked so far. However, a number of side effects from our efforts have emerged as we are now stepping back into the activities of life outside our bubbles. One of the most common outcomes people have mentioned across the country is a bit of notable weight gain after months at home, possibly a little too close to the fridge.


Losing the ‘Covid-19’

Many people have put on the COVID-19 (pounds, that is) and are now realizing they need to do something to help their bodies shed the weight. Along with healthy food choices and physical activity, Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT), also called red light therapy, is one of the most sought after treatments for fat reduction.


LLLT is a non-invasive, non-surgical, multi-beneficial treatment for fat and circumference reduction. Clinical studies show that LLLT, not only melts fat and moves it from the cells to the lymphatic system to be eliminated, but it also encourages collagen production, tightens the skin, and reduces inflammation that can cause weight gain and fluid retention in the first place. 


Low Level Light Therapy Really Works

Several clinical studies designed to measure the efficacy and effectiveness of LLLT for fat reduction and body contouring, overwhelmingly suggest that red light therapy treatments in the 635 nm range, consisting of 20-30 minutes, 2-3 times a week over a 2-4 week period, yield a significant result. The studies go on to indicate that red light therapy stimulates the mitochondria in the fat cells, promoting energy production, liquefying fat, and detoxifying the cells. Toxins and fats are transferred into the lymphatic system where they are cleansed and eliminated through natural processes. The result is a noticeable and measurable reduction of inches/cm in the areas of treatment.


In a clinical study conducted by Elizabeth McRae and Jaime Boris, “An Independent Evaluation of Low Level Light Therapy at 635 nm for Non Invasive Body Contouring of the Waist, Hips and Thighs” they examined the use of LLLT for fat reduction. This study showed a cumulative reduction on average of 2.99 inches after treatments consisting of 20 minutes, 2 times per week for 2 weeks.


In a similar study conducted by Robert F Jackson, Doug D Dedo, Greg C Roche, David I Turok, and Ryan J Maloney: “Low-level Laser Therapy as a Non-Invasive Approach for Body Contouring: A Randomized, Controlled Study”, results showed an average cumulative reduction of 3.51 inches after 3 sessions per week for 2 weeks.


And in a third study of the overall effects of LLLT, also referred to as photobiomodulation, inMechanisms and Applications of the Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Photobiomodulation (PBM)”, Dr. Michael Hamblin finds that one of the most reproducible effects of PBM is an overall reduction in inflammation. PBM has been shown to reduce markers of M1 phenotype in activated macrophages.


With thousands of studies on the effects of Low Level Light Therapy, it has been well established that this form of treatment consistently helps the body to melt fat and reduce circumference of the areas treated.


Contour Light

Contour Light is the most advanced red light therapy system on the market for professional use only. Designed, as its name suggests, to contour to the body for a comfortable, close-as-skin application, it is built with the well established therapeutic frequencies on the light spectrum including red light at 635 nm and near infrared light at 880 nm. The 6 pads and face mask system cover the majority of the body for a full-body treatment. It is designed with a proprietary reflective surface on the red light pads that continually redirect the light into the tissue, and provides for the highest level of absorption. The Contour Light system is in use across North America in medical offices, chiropractic clinics, health and wellness centers, medi-spa salons, massage therapists’ offices, physical therapists’ clinics, skin health and care clinics, weight loss clinics, and health clubs, among other professionals in the health arena. Contour Light red light system is FDA Cleared for fat loss and circumference reduction, as well as pain relief and increased circulation.


Highly effective, comfortably healing, and affordable, red light therapy offers a great many benefits to patients and clients, including treatment for:

  • Fat Reduction and Body Contouring
  • Skin Rejuvenation and Accelerated Healing
  • Pain Management
  • Inflammation Reduction
  • Immune System Rebalancing


Contour Light offers a generous stream of income to health professionals that enhance their practice and business. It requires no certification or extensive training to operate. It is housed on a handsome rolling stand that easily glides over solid and carpeted floor surfaces, and it is completely portable and stowable.  


Answering the needs of the people who are looking for a way to recover their health and fitness during these challenging and ever-changing times, health practitioners have available to them in Contour Light, arguably the most advanced and easy to use red light delivery system for a well studied and effective method of treatment. For more information about this truly remarkable technology, please visit our website at or contact us directly.


Contour Light is the most advanced red light and near infrared therapy system available for the professional and clinical settings.

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