Four Things to Look For in a Red Light Therapy System

Red Light Therapy(RLT) offers your clients opportunities for pain relief, skin rejuvenation, and body contouring through the use of LED red and near-infrared light. With several Red Light Therapy devices on the market, it’s important to know how to identify an effective RLT device in order to make the best investment for your clinic and provide the best results for your patients. 

There are four qualities that should be non-negotiable in a Red Light Therapy device: Patient Comfort and Results,  Adaptable Technology, FDA Clearance, and Profitability.  red light therapy


1.) Patient Comfort and Results are Paramount

Red Light Therapy is a pain-free, non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive treatment modality used successfully by doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, and health and wellness professionals to treat a variety of concerns for their patients, including body contouring (fat loss), skin rejuvenation, pain management and inflammation reduction. Unlike devices such as cool sculpting and liposuction that often have painful side effects and require recovery time, red light therapy has no side effects and no down time. Even among the different types of red light systems on the market, some are better than others for comfort and ease of use. Some systems require a hands on technician, and the patient to roll over and hold positions while the red light is fixed on treatment areas, which can be both vulnerable and slightly uncomfortable.  However, with the CONTOUR LIGHT red light pad delivery system, patients don’t have to worry about enduring poking and prodding during sessions. Instead they can fully enjoy complete relaxation as they luxuriate in the red light healing benefits. It requires only about 5 minutes to settle a patient in for a 30 minute Contour Light treatment. Then you can just set it and go about your business. 

The Contour Light System was specifically designed for maximum efficiency and with ease and comfort in mind. Embedded with high-powered, German-made, surface mount microchip LEDs, large, flexible pads wrap comfortably around any part of the body and target problem areas without discomfort. Each device also comes with a mask to rest over the face and neck for safe and pain-free treatment on the sensitive, thinner facial skin. 


2.) Adaptable Red Light Therapy Technology

The Red Light Therapy treatments you offer are only as effective as the device you use. The Contour Light System’s proprietary reflective coating on the pads allows light that would normally bounce off the skin and dissipate to be captured and reflected back into the skin, resulting in a much higher retention of light energy than other LED-based systems on the market can provide. This proprietary reflective coating is only available with Contour Light, allowing patients to receive maximum absorption of light for better, measurable results.

As industry leaders and researchers discover new ways to improve Red Light Therapy, it’s important to invest in a device that can adapt. The Contour Light System utilizes “platform technology” in order to adapt throughout the continuous evolution of Red Light Therapy without having to purchase a new machine every few years. The base of the system is compatible with several accessories. As more attachments are developed to offer new and improved treatments, they will continue to be structured to suit the base of the Contour Light System. RLT devices that are built to evolve with the needs of your practice and with science provide the most profitable investment. 


3.) FDA Clearance for Red Light Therapy

Contour Light holds the safety of your patients as a top priority. That’s why our system uses clinically proven wavelengths – red light (635nm) and near infrared light (880nm) – for maximum efficiency and safety. Additionally, Douglas Dreier, designer and owner of Contour Light, took it a  step further and invested considerable  time and money into putting the Contour Light system through the 3 year-long  rigorous process of FDA Clearance to insure our customers that this is a product you can count on to do what it claims to do and is completely safe and highly effective for your patients. The  Contour Light System has FDA Clearance for body contouring, temporary pain relief from arthritis and muscle/joint pain, and increased blood circulation. It is currently in the process of attaining FDA Clearance for skin rejuvenation and accelerated healing as well.


4.) Profitability 

Last, but certainly not least, the profitability available to you with the Contour Light is noteworthy and completely attainable.Some red light devices on the market require that you lease their product forever, they set the price point of your treatment sessions and take a cut of your earnings. They are essentially profit sharers in your business. This arrangement can be a complicated and controlling business model. 

Contour Light offers an easy, straightforward business model that puts you in the driver’s seat, along with marketing benefits available to you to make your Contour Light business a success. Competitively and reasonably priced, you can buy the Contour Light system outright or finance it, either way when all is said and done, you will own it. You set your own treatment session price point according to your clientele. And within a year, or for as little as a few months, you can cover the cost of the device and every penny you make after that is pure profit for you.

We believe these four considerations will guide you to investing in the most effective and profitable Red Light Therapy device available for your clinic: The Contour Light System.

For more information about The Contour Light System, visit our website. You can also watch this video to hear about the device from its creator, Douglas Dreier.

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