Contour Light Device with logo and lightsHere is it… the highest quality red light and near infrared light system in a full coverage, flexible pad delivery system with proven treatment outcomes for patients, and flourishing profitability for practitioners.


Contour Red Light System: Boost Your Business Profitability Significantly

The Contour Light red light system is one of the best investments you can make, as a health practitioner. The applications for treatment are numerous, highly effective and it safely serves the varied issues of your patient clientele. Body contouring, pain relief, increased blood circulation, skin rejuvenation, improved brain related issues are just a few of the ways Contour Light can help your people. Equally important, the Contour Light red light system is an affordable treatment modality for patients and a great source of steady profit for your business. 


 “I can honestly say we would not have made it through COVID without being able to sell Contour Light Services. Our patients come in looking for a solution and leave with a smile on their face because they have found something that truly works.” 

Dr. Scott Walters


Contour Red Light System: Easy to Administer and Covid-Safe

Contour Light is the highest quality, easiest to administer red light and near infrared light pad delivery system, and it is completely Covid-safe for both patient and practitioner. Patient contact time is minimal, in fact it can take as little as 5 minutes to set a patient up on the system, then set the timer and go. The patient receives a comfortable and luxurious treatment for 30 minutes while you attend to another patient or project. The clear protective cover can be wiped down with a standard disinfecting, disposable wipe in between patients, providing a completely sanitary surface for each treatment; baby wipes are ideal, as are Lysol wipes. 


Great for Patients, Great for Your Business

Why not start the new year by adding a proven, highly effective, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical treatment protocol to your business or practice and enjoy the benefits of new found revenue and profitability. Contact us today for more information on the Contour Light System and how it can boost your business, especially in these continued challenging times.

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