Everyone deserves to feel good and comfortable in their skin, and body contouring can help many individuals target those few pounds of stubborn fat, or can tighten skin to give it a smoother, more radiant look. If you are a clinician with patients looking for non-invasive body sculpting procedures, you may be deciding between offering Contour Light body sculpting and CoolSculpting, two popular options.


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As leading providers of Contour Light devices — red light therapy devices for clinics — many practitioners ask us what the differences between red light therapy and CoolSculpting are, and if one is really better than the other. Below, we explain the differences between these two procedures and how to choose the best option for your clinic.


What is the Difference Between Red Light Therapy and CoolSculpting? 


Both red light therapy and CoolSculpting use non-invasive methods to target the cells inside the patient’s body. CoolSculpting is a Cryolipolysis treatment that freezes and destroys fat cells with the intention of not harming the skin. However, there is often discomfort and bruising that occurs with this treatment modality. Additionally, results can take a few months to become noticeable as the body eliminates dead fat cells.


CoolSculpting also comes with the risk of Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia (PAH) which occurs when the procedure triggers an increase rather than a decrease in cells. This may result in tissue growth that is harder than normal fat which cannot be removed through liposuction.


In contrast, Red Light Therapy uses the comfort of  low-level red light and near-infrared LED wavelengths to stimulate the mitochondria in the fat cells to generate energy that melts fat and toxins which are naturally flushed out of the body through the lymphatic system. Red Light Therapy sessions with the Contour Light System have been shown to offer immediate results.


Unlike CoolSculpting, there is minimal training and no Contour Light specific certification required to perform the treatment. The Contour Light red light therapy system has no known side effects. It is important to note, though, that because red light therapy stimulates the lymphatic system to eliminate fat and toxins from the cells by filtering it through the liver and kidneys, patients with compromised livers may need to have shorter duration treatment times and fewer treatments a week. For instance, a patient with this issue may do well with 2 treatments a week over an 8 week period of time, rather than 3-4 sessions a week over a month’s time.


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The Benefits of Red Light Therapy


Practitioners are drawn to Contour Light for its user-friendly design. This innovative device features large, flexible pads that can adapt to any body part, including a specialized mask for the head and neck regions. These pads are equipped with high-powered LEDs and a proprietary reflective coating, effectively directing and optimizing light absorption that might otherwise reflect off the skin. Thanks to this thoughtful design, patients can enjoy a highly effective, comprehensive, yet targeted, whole body treatment in a soothing and cozy experience in a matter of 30 minutes.


Read testimonials from practitioners and patients to learn more about Contour Light body sculpting.


See how Contour Light Devices can make a difference in your medical practice. For more information about the Contour Light System visit our website. You can also watch this video to hear more about the device from its creator, Douglas Dreier.


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