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Contour Research, the manufacturer of the Contour Light System, is committed to red light therapy research and developing products to benefit patients through proven therapies that improve their health.

As a company, we take this technology very seriously in terms of regulatory concerns. As such, we are in the process of attaining ISO 13485 Medical Device and MDSAP Certification. Contour Light is FDA cleared for body contouring, temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain, arthritis, muscle spasms, relieving stiffness, promoting the relaxation of muscle tissue and increasing local blood circulation. We continue to work to provide a true benefit for your patients at a reasonable cost for you as a business owner.

Clinics all across North America and beyond utilize Contour Light for a wide variety of indications with measurable and remarkable success. We will continue to conduct additional clinical trials to confirm further benefits and to file for clearances to market the results.

We provide marketing support with customer-only access to customizable flyers, brochures, emails, and letters. Additionally, we will continue to publish blog posts on our website that will be accessible to you for email campaigns or Facebook posts keeping your business and Contour Light front and center in the minds of your clientele.

Lastly, Contour Light will share the “best practices” of our practitioners in an effort to spread successful promotion ideas and update you on new applications for the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

LLLT stands for Low Level Light Therapy or Low Level Laser Therapy. Both are Red Light and Near Infrared Light technologies. Also referred to as Photobiomodulation (PBM), and Red Light Therapy, this modality is effectively used to stimulate fat loss, manage pain, reduce inflammation, activate skin rejuvenation and boost the immune system.

There are several 635nm devices in two different categories on the market. Laser based devices have high energy output for targeted deep tissue treatments, are classified as medical devices and require physician oversight and a licensed technician to operate.

LED based devices, like Contour Light, use lower level light energy output that can safely treat larger areas on the body and does not require a licensed technician to operate. Both are effective forms of Photobiomodulation: Red light treatments that stimulate healthy cell energy response.

The closer the light is to the skin, the more effective the treatment. The Contour Light pad delivery system allows direct application to the skin. We recommend that patients wear a two-piece bathing suit, speedo or boxers attire, for maximum treatment coverage. The patient lies on a treatment table and the pads are placed on the areas of treatment. Typically, that includes two large pads placed underneath the mid back and back upper legs, two large pads placed on the abdomen and the front of the upper legs. One small pad on each of the upper arms, and the face mask is placed arching over the face and chest area. The pads can be used in a variety of configurations, specific to the areas on which the patients desire treatment. Once the system is on, the patient will see ultra bright red lights. Goggles should be worn to protect their eyes. After a few minutes, when the light stimulates the cell mitochondria and they begin to generate energy in the cells, the patient will feel a warming effect. The pads themselves do not emit heat, the warmth is primarily generated by the body. Many patients describe it as comforting and calming. A session can last up to 30 minutes, giving the patient time to relax and even nap.

The results from Contour Light will vary from person to person based on nutrition, activity, healthy life style, and frequency of treatment. The recommended treatment protocol is 10 sessions-(every 2-3 days over a period of 2 -3 weeks) with periodic tune ups following.

Contour Light along with a healthy life style of good nutrition and moderate exercise will result in remarkable and measurable results. That said, there is no particular diet or exercise regimen required, but drinking plenty of water and even a 15-20 minute walk or moderate exercise following a treatment will noticeably enhance the results.

No. There is no evidence that Contour Light treatment or any 635 nm treatment will cause an elevation of cholesterol or triglyceride levels.

Yes, absolutely. The light emitted by the Contour Light device is cool, and it does not generate excessive heat, so it will not burn or damage the tissue. However, the light is very bright and patients should take care to shield their eyes with goggles if using the face mask. Short glances at the light will not harm the eyes, but staring at the light should be completely avoided.

The first 635 nm low level laser device was released with a lot of publicity and promises of quick fat loss, without FDA approval, and without sufficient understanding about how it works. Since it was laser based and in the medical device arena, it was sold only to physicians, but without the proper level of training and education for optimal outcomes. The device used weak light that was not applied directly to the body, and therefore did not interact at the cellular level to produce the outcomes we see with our system.

635nm and 880nm are the wavelengths on the light spectrum that when harnessed provide the most effective red light therapy. The 635nm and 880nm light when combined are able to penetrate the skin and activate the cells’ mitochondria to produce cellular energy, as well as stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin.

According to Dr. Michael Hamblin, associate professor at Harvard and MIT, and widely regarded as the world’s top expert in the study of red light therapies, there is no real difference between what laser-based light and LED-based light can do for cell energy and healing in the 635nm range. However, a licensed technician under the supervision of a physician, is required to operate a laser-based device. Whereas the Contour Light system-an LED-based device requires about 1 minute of training, no license to operate, and is safely administered by the staff and professionals in the health and wellness field.

The recommended Contour Light protocol involves a series of 10 treatment sessions of 30 minutes each, delivered every 2-3 days over a 3-week period. Most patients see a noticeable improvement within the first 2-3 treatments, some even after the first treatment. Depending on the patients’ goals, the full 10 session series can reliably address most of their expectations. Though continued treatments, or series can be added if needed for further benefit.

Contour Light is safe and beneficial for the vast majority of people. There are three exceptions for which a patient would need a physician’s clearance to be able to utilize the Contour Light.

They include:

Patients that have a medical condition that seriously inhibits proper waste elimination via the liver and kidneys may struggle, because during the treatment cells release fat and toxins into the lymphatic system for elimination from the body, passing through the liver and kidneys. If the liver or kidneys are already compromised, this process could cause further congestion.

Patients who have extreme light sensitivity, either due to a medical condition or a medication, should get clearance from their doctors before using red light therapy.

Patients who are pregnant need to check with their OB doctors before utilizing Contour Light, and should not use the pads in the abdomen area.

Every part of the body, from the top of the head to the toes, can be treated by Contour Light, with the exception of the eyes. The red lights are ultra bright and goggles are recommended when using the face mask.

Clinically obese patients can benefit in all the same ways. Contour Light helps to stimulate the mitochondria in the cells which creates cellular energy, eliminates fat and toxins, and promotes a healing effect on the body. It helps with reducing inflammation, which often is the cause of obesity. As with all people, patients who utilize the Contour Light get the best results when creating a healthy lifestyle of good nutrition, moderate exercise, and plenty of water.

Our clinically proven technology sets your business apart. Practitioners love the Contour Light system!



I used the Contour Light 3 times a week for a month. After the first week, I noticed my clothing was getting loose. I needed new clothing because all my clothes were sagging. I would recommend it to anyone desiring a change in their shape and willing to follow the protocols. It’s been well worth it!

– Chris M.

I received 12 treatments with the Contour Light over the course of about 6 weeks. Not only did I lose inches to the point where my clothes were loose, the best thing was how it improved my cellulite. I can wear a bathing suit again without feeling self conscious about my legs!

– Melanie D.

The Contour Light system is amazing. Within the first two treatments, I noticed that my skin was becoming more firm and smooth. The light helped me loose inches and also tightened my skin, making me look much younger!

– Catherine G.

I saw immediate results after just two 20-minute sessions! I lost a total of 4.5 inches around my stomach and waist, and the device allowed for a very relaxing and soothing experience. I absolutely loved the Contour Light System and can't wait for my next treatment!

- Elizabeth B.

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