The Benefits of Contour Light Machine and Partner Marketing Program

Contour Light Devices offers more than the highest quality, pad-based Red Light Therapy device on the market. We also offer support for the practitioners that open their practice up to the many benefits of Red Light Therapy with our system. Exponential growth has been reported from practices within weeks of implementing Red Light Therapy with the Contour Light Machine and it is easier than ever to offer this exciting new treatment to your clients. 


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Contour Light Practitioner Perks 

The Contour Light Machine truly makes a difference and our goal is to support you in whatever way we can as your practice grows. So, we’ve identified some Contour Light Devices practitioner perks that we’re proud to offer.


We offer the fastest return on investment in the Red and Near Infrared Light Therapy industry. Some clinics have been able to pay off their machines within a few weeks of implementing their Contour Light device, due to the influx of clients and patients wanting and benefiting from red light treatments. 

Platform Technology

You will continue to profit from the Contour Light Machine for years to come – even as more applications for Red Light Therapy are discovered. Instead of purchasing new devices as developments in Red Light Therapy happen, the Contour Light device was designed to  use “Platform Technology.” This means you will be able to add more accessories as advancements are made and use them with the Contour Light base you already own. This allows you to continuously expand your ability to meet the therapeutic needs of your clientele, while building on the system you already have. This is not only more efficient, but more affordable.Contour Light Machine

Done-For-You-Marketing Program

Red Light Therapy services are big sellers for new and current clients. But, you have a clinic or business to run and may not have the time to commit to extensive marketing efforts to get the word out about the wide range of amazing benefits of this treatment. We offer an exclusive, affordable, Done-For-You Digital Marketing program for practitioners who have purchased the Contour Light Machine from Contour Light Devices.


Marketing Your Contour Light Machine

With this Done-For-You-Marketing program, you get access to the resources of a nationwide digital marketing firm to create an affordable marketing package to promote your Contour Light Red Light Therapy services. This is designed to draw in current and new clientele without you having to lift a finger for digital marketing efforts.   


The program includes a personalized discovery and strategy to determine your marketing needs as well as:

  • A Customized Landing Page
  • Customized weekly Social Media posts on Facebook and Instagram
  • Facebook and Google Ads
  • Email Drip Campaigns 

There is so much more to this program and you can learn more about it by contacting Joe Martin, Director of Sales and Customer Care at or (949)234-6305. 

Contour Light Devices

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